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When Designing a home security plan your focus should be from the outside looking in. You want to view yourself, your family, and your home through the eyes of a would be criminal in order to expose your vulnerabilities.

A Home Complete Home Security Plan Security Plan Covers:

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Part One: A Threat and Cooperation Assessment of:

  • Your Neighborhood

  • Your Home

  • Your Lifestyle

Part Two: Security Threat Countermeasures

Part One: Threat Assessment

A risk and cooperation assessment of these areas will help you expose your vulnerabilities and identify the potential security threats that you and your family are facing.

Your assessment will include writing down information about the general condition, location, and setting of your home, your daily routines, as well as any crime, fire or accident history from the area.

Checklists are provided to help you ask the right questions regarding the safety of your neighborhood, cooperation of neighbors, emergency worker effectiveness, as well as the overall security of your home and lifestyle.

Each Persons Home is unique so there are spaces for you or other family members to add your own questions that might identify certain threats specific to you.

After you complete each checklist you will be able to calculate your home security score in each area, showing you where your home security needs improvement.

Part Two: Security Threat Countermeasures

In Part Two of your home security plan you will implement the specific countermeasures required to protect yourself, your family, and your home from the identified security risks found in Part One.

Let’s Begin.

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