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Lets face it, the tougher times get, the more dangerous they become.  If you aren’t comfortable carrying a gun, but still want the peace of mind that comes from personal empowerment, a stun gun may be your best choice.  But how do you choose from all the stun guns available?  How do you know if its the correct size, model, etc for you?

Below we will walk you through each step in choosing the best stun gun for you and your personal situation.

Step 1 – Are Stun Guns Legal In Your Area?

The First thing you want to do is make sure that Stun Guns are legal in your area (A more detailed explanation can be found at this link: Stun Gun Laws.

Familiarize you self with the stun gun laws below



CONNECTICUT (Legal with Restrictions )
ILLINOIS (Restricted, Must have valid FOID card)
HAWAII (Illegal)
MICHIGAN (Illegal CCW Required)
WISCONSIN (Legal with restriction. Must have a CCW Permit)

CHICAGO, IL (Illegal)
DENSION / CRAWFORD COUNTY, IA (*According to Sheriff Tom Hogan*)


Step 2 – Choosing the Stun Gun Type:

How and where do you plan to carry the stun gun?

This is an important question to ask yourself, as it will help determine the best type of stun gun to fill your needs. If you are doing security rounds around a building or neighborhood you may want to carry a stun baton on your belt. If you want the feeling of some added protection when you are wandering through a darkened area, you may want to choose a stun gun that also functions as a flashlight.

Do you feel comfortable with it enough to use it when you need to?

This question is paramount. No matter what type of self defense product you choose, you must feel comfortable enough to use it during a crisis situation. This may mean training with it at home and may mean starting off small, and then working your way up to larger models.

Stun Gun Types

Standard Stun Guns

Standard Multi Function Stun Gun

Standard style stun guns are very effective and often use technology powered from a 9 volt battery. Often these can be some of the most powerful stun guns on the market. They are usually designed to fit a mans hand and be carried in a standard belt loop holster. They have a type of “Old School” look to them which lets your assailants know that these stun guns will get the job done.

  • Standard Stun Gun Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Designed to fit a man’s hand.
  • Holsters are often viewed in society as a male accessory.

Mini Stun Guns

Streetwise Blackout 5 Million Mini Stun Gun

Mini Stun Guns will often use CR2 camera style batteries to produce their take-down current, making them just as strong in take-down power, but much easier wield. The smaller size of mini stun guns makes them a lot less cumbersome when attached to a belt and much easier to conceal if the need arises.
Because their smaller size doesn’t sacrifice any power, women often prefer some of the mini style stun guns available, which is why you will often find them available in both black and pink colors.

Mini Stun Gun Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Just as powerful as standard stun guns
  • Easier to conceal or carry inside purse, on belt, etc.
  • Great for men and women. Small enough to fit women’s hands.

Cell Phone Stun Guns

Pretender black cell phone stun gun

Cell phone stun guns and other covert disguised self defense products empower you with more than just instant stopping power, they also equip you with the advantage of a surprise attack.

A standard stun gun on your belt says to people “I am armed and prepared to defend myself if you attack” This is a great deterrent, but it also lets the attacker know what you are going to do, giving them a chance to try and disarm you in a surprise attack of their own.

 A Cell Phone stun gun allows you to walk around with the self defense weapon in your hand without arousing suspicion. Should someone become aggressive with you, they wont even have a chance to develop an action plan of disarming you and your surprise attack advantage will leave them on the ground while you get help.

Cell Phone Stun Gun Benefits / Drawbacks

  • Preferred by professionals and students.
  • Lets you carry it in hand without arousing suspicion
  • Empowers you with the advantage of a surprise attack
  • Does not work as well as a visual deterrent (However, cell phone stun guns still have some deterrent effects due to the increased confidence you send out while you are carrying one)


Stun Batons

Stun Master Stun Baton

Bigger and harder to conceal, stun batons are used by security guards, bouncers, as well as dog walkers, senior citizens, and anyone else who wants the added security of fending off an attacker from a distance. Stun flashlights also fall under the stun baton category, although a lot of standard and mini stun guns do have flashlight capabilities.

Just the sight and sound is often enough to send someone running for the hills. Not just for security crowd control, a crackling stun baton in full operation is a great deterrent for Dogs and other animals as well due to both the visual display of lighting between the prongs and the high pitched sound it makes to their ears.

Stun Batons often also have built in safety features that prevent it from being grabbed. These include a disable pin that prevents the baton from being used against you if you let go of it, and stun strips on the side of the baton that will stun anyone who grabs it.

Stun Baton Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Very intimidating and acts as a powerful deterrent
  • Will often scare of vicious dogs with just its sight and sound
  • Bigger and harder to conceal


Step 3: What voltage of stun gun should you choose.

Voltage is a measure of the force behind the current or in a sense how fast the current travels, not how powerful the current is. This means that higher voltages require less time to exhaust the muscles of an attacker. Current refers to the number of electrons flowing though the perpetrators muscles and thus an increase in current could eventually cause harm to an attacker. The difference between stun gun voltages is essentially how long you need to hold the stun gun on an attacker. Stun guns are effective because they force a low electric current through the resistance of the assailants body. (*see more on How Stun Guns Work)

Because voltage claims can be pretty much anything a manufacturer wants them to be, some U.S manufacturers have decided to remove the word “Voltage” entirely from their product line and instead say things like “This 5,000,000 model compares in power to other 5,000,000 models we tested”

There was a time when voltage ratings meant something, but once things went beyond the 900,000 volts, it was pretty much agreed by engineers that these claims were becoming more unsubstantiated.
When choosing a stun gun, you are better off choosing a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty and has been in business for 10 or 20 years.

Two examples of high quality U.S. Stun gun manufacturers are Streetwise Security Products (Cutting Edge Products) and Stun Master (Safety Technology). Both have lifetime warranties and the amperage in their stun guns to take down even the largest of assailants.

Stun Gun Voltage Points to Remember

  • The high the voltage, the less time you need to hold it on an attacker
  • The higher the amperage, the more powerful the punch of the stun gun
  • A “non voltage” rating can be a good sign of a reputable manufacturer.


Step 4 What Are the Different Stun Gun Features?

Stun Guns now come with a profusion of different features to choose from. Depending on your comfort level and intended application, you may wish to familiarize yourself with some of the more common features found in modern stun guns.

Stun Gun Disable pin. The disable pin prevents the attacker from taking the stun gun from you and using it against you. A strap fits around your wrist so that if the stun gun is dropped or pulled from your hand it will cease to function. If for some reason this happens, you might want to have a pepper spray as back up. This works great for the cell phone stun gun models as you can carry them around in your hand

A Stun Gun Holster. A holster is something that should be considered, even for a mini stun gun. Easy access in most situations is critical. Carrying a stun gun on your belt also works as a visual deterrent to ward off would be attackers.

Rechargeable: Although slightly more expensive, you will save money in the long run if you use rechargeable versions. Some have a built in charging plug that lets you plug your stun gun directly into the wall.

Alarm: some stun guns come with a personal alarm to ward off attackers. This gives you another level of protection and can often make an attacker think twice.

Flashlight:  A flashlight is great for shining in the eyes of an attacker, giving you an advantage before deploying the stun gun to their body. It also has the added benefit to help you find your way when enshrouded by darkness.


Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the different features, styles, and benefits of stun guns, you can empower yourself with the best choice for your personal situation.

You can see our complete line of Stun Guns at All are from the highest quality and most trusted U.S manufacturers in the business. Every stun gun we carry is built to work and last, while every stun gun you buy online from us  carries with it a full lifetime warranty.

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