Concealed Weapons Police Should Know About – Knives and Blades

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Part II of our series on concealed weapons – Knives and Blades

Cat Hands:

Sold as self defense weapons:


Key Knives


  • Several on the market, sold at self defense stores, hardware stores, gas stations, and novelty stores
  • Very realistic looking and could be overlooked
  • Usually the blades are surgical steel and razor sharp
  • The “Swiss-Tech Utili-Key” has half straight and half serrated edge.


1 Inch Knife Blade:



A Standard Ballpoint pen casing hiding a 2 5/8″ surgical steel blade, serrated towards the handle. Modified from a Parker ballpoint pen and still writes as a pen.


A Letter Opener:


A Walking Cane Dagger:

Contains both a 5″ and 18″ blade. 


Baton Blade (Holds 2 Double Edged Swords)


Throwing Cards


Lighter Knife:

Several models, usually sold at tobacco shops

Works “stilletto style”

Polymer Knife – No Metal


 Calculator Knife:


 Lipstick Knife

Hair Brush Dagger – Poly-Resin Blade

Bike Seat Dagger – You may not know its there:


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