Concealed Weapons Police Should Know About – Homemade Guns

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Everyday items can be modified to be used as weapons.

Some are devised by the bad guys.
ALWAYS remember ~ many criminals are smarter than we think. NEVER underestimate the ones who were “dumb enough to get caught.”

Why should we worry?

Homemade Guns

Cell Phone Guns

  • Several types have been found.
  • Several of this model have been confiscated in Holland recently, usually along with high volumes of explosives and narcotics.
  • Fires 4 .22 caliber ‘short’ rounds by pressing the keypad buttons…

Pictures of Cell Phone Guns


FlashLight Shotgun.

Flashlight Shotgun

The “Companion,” a 3 D-cell Mag-Lite flashlight converted into a shotgun capable of firing a .410 shotgun round. Manufactured by Ares Defense Systems. May be purchased on the Internet.Fully functional as a flashlight, it also works as a gun by pulling the safety pin, then pushing down on a spring-loaded firing pin. The projectile is discharged through the end cap of the flashlight. The company also sells a Mini-Mag-Lite (next slide). The items are covered by the National Firearms Act and possessing them requires you to have proper documentation of ownership.

Mini-Maglite Gun

  • 4” mini-mag flashlight (2 AA battery size)
  • Fires a single .380 round
  • Has an optional end cap that makes it look like a mini kubotan, vs. a flashlight

Image of Maglight gun


  • Used by fishermen and scuba divers to kill sharks and alligators.
  • Fires a single 38 caliber short Colt, .38 special or .357 magnum cartridge.
  • Considered to be a firearm when carried in a pocket or around the neck and used for other purposes.

Image of Bangstick

Folding Gun

  • A 5-shot .22 caliber pistol with a grip that folds over the barrel and cylinder
  • was concealed inside an eyeglass case when discovered
  • fits in pockets, hats, etc.

folding gun


World’s Smallest Gun

  • Fires .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, or .38 Special rounds
  • A break-down, single-shot, double action weapon made by Downsizer Corp.
  • 3 ¼” long, 2 ¼” tall, and .90” thick.
  • Imagine where this could be hidden…wallet, cigarette pack, palm, hats, etc., etc….

worlds smallest gun


Hunting Knife Guns

  • This is a 6-shot .22 caliber ‘pistol’
  • Cylinder and firing mechanisms are concealed inside the handle.
  • The handle breaks down and ‘ejects’ what becomes the grip and trigger
  • Fairly accurate for firing due to it’s overall length

Hunting Knife Gun


Pistol Pen

  • Just under 6” with a 2” barrel
  • “Stinger” model must be folded in half to fire, forms a handle to grip
  • .25 caliber, .22 LR, or .380ACP

Pistol Pen


Zip Guns

Some of the most commonly improvised firearms.

A handgun round is inserted snugly into a small diameter tube. That ‘loaded’ tube is then inserted into a larger pipe, which has an end cap with a piece of pointed metal inside it. When you slam the end cap back against a hard surface, the pointed metal strikes the primer of the round like a firing pin and discharges the weapon.

Zip Gun


 Bolt Gun

  • Fires a single .22 caliber Stinger. Pull back on spring-loaded hex head to fire.
  • 5/8″ diameter, 4″ long.

Bolt Gun


The Club Shotgun

  •  The handle end of The Club has been hollowed out to act as a barrel
  • When the lock end is pulled back, the interior metal cap (altered to act as a firing pin)
    is pulled away from the round
  • Fired by slamming the ends back together

The Club Shotgun


The Screwdriver Gun

The Screwdriver gun


The Pressure Gauge Weapon

  • Converted into .22 caliber pistol
  • Does not have plastic measuring device in the center
  • Last 1½ ” is a hardened steel barrel
  • To fire, remove threaded top, drop in cartridge. Pull the top and let go. Spring-loaded action, just like a zip gun.
  • ATF says possession is a federal crime, regardless of a person’s record.

Pressure gauge weapon


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