Covert Self Defense – Discreetly Wielding The Power of Surprise in the Palm of Your Hand

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The sight of regular self defense devices let others know that you mean business. This means they act as both a deterrent and an effective defense mechanism. The downside is that they also show a would be attacker what you are going to reach for should they try and take advantage of you, and the last thing you want is to be disarmed and have your stun gun or pepper spray working against you.

Here is where covert self defense items can help.

Because covert stun guns and protection sprays look like everyday items, they give you the advantage of surprise when confronted with an aggressor When something like this happens to you, every single advantage could be the difference between a close call and a traumatically life altering event.

Covert self defense also allows you to hold the item ready for action. This is important because an adrenaline surge could potentially make you shaky, causing you to fumble your device if you are improperly trained. By holding a covert defense item in your hand, you not only prepare yourself ahead of action, you are also less likely to freak people out (walking around with a wielded stun gun could send innocent passersby the wrong message and incite panic)

Lastly, you still get a deterrent factor from covert self defense devices. Even though a perpetrator can’t see that you are holding a very powerful self defense device, you still know that you are. This means that your “would be” attacker will see the aura of your confidence, and this alone may be enough to deter a crime.

So What types of covert defense are there?

Cell Phone Stun Guns

Covert Self Defense Pretender Cell Phone Stun Guns

These types of stun guns are not only the most popular, they are often some of the most powerful as well.

The two big names here are the Pretender and the Immobilizer.

The Pretender is a Stun Master stun gun and is manufactured by Safety Technology.



The Immobilizer is a Streetwise Security model that is made by Cutting Edge Products.

immobilizer cell phone stun gun

  • Both offer huge take down power after just seconds of contact.
  • Both have an LED Light
  • Both have a Safety Switch
  • Both come in CR2 battery and rechargeable versions
  • Both have a lifetime warranty and included holster.

Its very common to see someone with a cell phone in their hand, which is why a lot of people choose to carry this type of covert stun gun.

Cosmetics Disguised Stun Guns

Covert Self Defense Lipstick Stun Gun

These covert self defense devices are something out of a James Bond Film.

Similar in design and application, both the lip stick stun gun by Safety Technology and Perfume Stun Gun from Streetwise Security can send someone to the ground twitching like they just got bit by a black widow spider.

Made with the protection of women in mind, these covert self defense devices are also small enough to be completely concealed in the palm of a woman’s hand and can implemented with ease in a close up confrontation.

Lipstick and Perfume Pepper Spray

Covert Self Defense Perfume Pepper Spray

Similar to the lipstick and perfume stun guns except instead of a shock of electricity, these shoot out a burst of capsicum pepper. Although pepper spray can be slightly more difficult to use, (see our article on how to effectively use pepper spray) it can be just as effective in subduing an attacker when used properly.

Mace Hot Walkers


These covert gadgets have a storage compartment for things like keys and valuables inside two 1lb jogging weights. More importantly however is that it carries a replaceable Pepper Spray Bannister This means that if you were to get attacked while out jogging, you’ll be prepared and your attacker wont be.

If you don’t want to carry the extra weight around, you can also choose Mace’s regular jogger model

Pepper Pens

covert self defense pepper pen

This pen really is mightier than the sword!

Disguised as a piece of normal looking stationer, the pepper pen packages a powerful delivery system of pepper spray that contains 5 one second bursts that spray a stream of up to 6 feet!

The pepper spray pen also easily attaches to a pocket for easy draw action.

The Attack DVR

covert self defense attack dvr

This gadget produces an almost blinding light with a simultaneous 90+ decibel alarm. The sight and sound of this covert self defense device will not only help frighten off an attacker, but will also draw attention and help bring others to your aid.

The best part is that the attack DVR also records the entire event, capturing both audio and video that can be used in later for both apprehending the criminal and providing proof to aid in their conviction.

The Pepper Mace Baton

Covert Self Defense Pepper Baton

Its a two in one threat. First, it functions as a Kuboton (a much more effective hand weapon than just carrying your car keys between your fingers). Kubotons are used on the bony surfaces, soft tissue, or nerve points of an attacker. There is really no wrong way to use the Kuboton. Your striking power is enhanced with every blow causing increased pain to your attacker. You can even hold the Kuboton with key attached to the key ring and swing them in your opponents face.

Of course, as effective as a kuboton is, this model does one better. The Mace Kubotons carry 3 refillable one second bursts of pepper spray that can immobilize an aggressive person from 5 feet away.

Although pepper spray has some restrictions, a kuboton can be carried with you anywhere. So even if you don’t get the kind with the covert pepper spray, they are worth looking into.

The element of surprise is one of the biggest advantages in combat. Covert self defense devices provide you with this devastating advantage over an attacker. Not only that, but the confidence of your empowerment is often enough to prevent you from being victimized in the first place.

Visit and check out our section on Covert Self Defense. You’ll be glad you did.

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