Family Safety During the Holidays

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With the holidays fast approaching, one of the main factors to bear in mind as everyone’s schedule is getting more complicated is to do whatever possible to keep you and your family safe. There are many ways to do this, and many angles from which to consider family safety.

For instance, given the fact that holiday shoppers are rushing around like crazy, your awareness of people’s driving habits being more careless than normal needs to be heightened. Drive defensively even more than usual; this means especially keeping a sharp eye peeled for drivers who dart in,out  and around parking lots with very little consideration of other drivers’ needs or intentions. Just on the roads and highways in general, this unfortunate trend seems to be amplified as well, so just be cognizant of it, and don’t contribute to it by rushing around yourself. Allow plenty of time to get wherever you’re going, whether it’s to a party, shopping, running errands, etc.

Another issue that occurs around this time of year is more home break-ins, because thieves are all too conscious of the fact that people tend to be gone more than usual during the holiday season. So if you don’t already have a great home security system in place, you should consider getting one. Your family’s safety and your peace of mind are priceless, and a top-notch home alarm system will provide a lot of assistance with both of those factors, year-round. Security cameras are another very useful device, and often a big deterrent to would-be breaking and entering thieves.

Another crime that typically rises dramatically during the holiday season is pick-pocketing or grabbing of women’s purses. Thieves know that shoppers have more cash or credit cards on their person than normal at this time of year. So carrying a small compact tube of pepper spray or even a stun gun is something to seriously consider. Make sure any and all family members who carry these devices have been thoroughly schooled in the way to use them properly, and are only going to use them when absolutely necessary.  

Not to harp on parking lots, BUT – many shoppers with lots of packages are incredibly easy targets to fleet-footed criminals. So going to and from your car (particularly TO it, with your arms or shopping cart loaded down) is a time to be on guard more than usual. Additionally, don’t leave packages in plain sight in your vehicle – that’s basically like turning a kid loose in a candy store as far as professional thieves are concerned. Car jackings and actual car thefts rise during the holidays, too. So if you don’t have a good car alarm or security system, this would be an excellent time to install one.

“Better safe than sorry” is an especially powerful motto to adapt at this time of year even more than throughout the other calendar months. While it is a joyous season, there are unfortunately those who will prey upon people’s distracted state and absenteeism from their homes. Don’t let your family fall victim to that element of society. Protect and defend your family’s safety to the best of your ability; it will help insure that your holidays are indeed the happy occasion that they are meant to be.

Happy, Safe Holidays to you & yours!

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