Home Invasion Prevention – A Home Invasion Is A Terrifying Experience. Be Prepared.

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Home Invasion Prevention

A home invasion could be the most horrific experience of your life. You could be relaxing in your living room when suddenly the door starts shaking, followed by a window break. As you try to reach the police line 911 someone is already entering through your window.

A terrifying experience like this is something that you never get out of your mind because it happens in a place you feel the safest. A home invasion may happen for robbery rape or even murder.

Reports from the police say most home invaders are equiped with anything from Stun Guns, to machetes, to guns. However, there are things you can do to prevent a home invasion. Having your home surrounded with security cameras is a great first step. But some people are more comfortable with having there own stun guns or pepper spray handy just in case prevention isn’t enough and they need to take a stand. “If there is an intruder in your home your focus should be to create a spray barrier outside a lockable safe room where you and your family can take refuge.” (from article: how to use pepper spray effectively)

You can also have a well-trained security guard to take care of the home during the day and night by getting all the neighbors to throw in for private security.

Have an alarm system that can protect your doors and the windows and the same should be connected to the central monitoring station in case someone forcefully tries to enter. When you are attacked it becomes impossible to call line 911 on your own so by installing an alarm system the police can arrive on time to save you. If you are using glass break alarms, make sure they are loud enough to notify a neighbor in case you can’t call for help. When you are home alone ensure that all the alarm systems are on and that you can freely move around the house. Lock the house well when you are inside. Turn on all your CCTV surveillance cameras and hidden cameras, which at the very least, will help you get a good sleep at night.

As Well, have your cameras checked every two weeks and ensure that your windows and doors are kept safe and that there is no criminal activity or “scoping” going on. Sometimes, you may catch a would be home invader on camera who chooses to move to an easier target (like one of your neighbors without a camera or alarm system) By reviewing your surveillance footage, you may just prevent the same crime twice, by preventing it from happening to someone else too.


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