Home Lighting Safety and Security Tips

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For a home to be properly lit you must take into consideration both household safety (i.e. lighting that could prevent a fall or accident) as well as home security, which deals with crime prevention.

Home security lighting deals with:

Deterring Crime – A criminal may think twice about entering a well lighted home, or may run away if they set off a motion activated light.
Detecting Crime – Proper illumination can aid surveillance cameras, remove hiding places and expose home security weaknesses.

Control systems

A home light control system can be a convenient way to  save on electricity bills while providing both proper safety and security lighting around your dwelling.

The most common type of lighting control systems are timers (although timers can also be used for radios and other appliances) and motion detectors.

Timers operate lights at preset times. These work as a crime deterrent by giving the appearance of movement in a vacant home. They also provide for lighting safety for visitors and occupants in use of the premises.

Motion detectors are very convenient for safety lighting and double as a strong deterrent to intruders. Security cameras and motion activated alarms are both popular home security choices if the home owner feels that motion activated lighting doesn’t provide enough home security.

Here is a list of home lighting safety and security tips:

  1. The General rule of safety and security is that there should be enough light to read your wrist watch.
  2. The front of your home should be well lit.
  3. Report malfunctioning streetlights to your block captain or community official
  4. Alleyways should be well lit.
  5. Do not forget to trim hedges and illuminate shadowed areas caused by trees and shrubbery
  6. Provide extra lighting for waste disposal areas, particularly if they are connected to an alley
  7. Light all gates and fences surrounding your property
  8. Use a home light control system for during home absences
  9. set timers strategically to your lifestyle pattern. If you wake up at 7:00 am, set a light to activate at that time.
  10. Prepare emergency lighting in the advent of a power failure
  11. Use nightlights in hallways for night time trips to the bathroom

Proper lighting is just part of a complete home security plan. By implementing these home lighting tips you will lower your chances of being victimized by a crime and provide a safer living area for you, your family, and your house guests.

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