Which Hidden Cameras are Better. P2P and P2I?

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P2P VS P2I.  What’s The Difference?


Wi-fi hidden cameras come with two options for their remote connectivity: peer to peer (referred to as P2P) and peer to internet (referred to as P2I.) Let’s dive a little deeper into these two kind of wi-fi connections.

For Peer to Peer there is no internet protocol (IP) channeling the data between your hidden camera and the viewing device. The hidden camera itself acts as a wi-fi transmitter and sends live video to your phone as long as it’s within range of the camera.

On the plus side:
• Makes setting up the hidden camera easy, just check your smart device to see what the camera sees.
• No need to access your IP address.
• No connection over the internet means your video is more secure.

Things to consider:
• Less remote capability as the video will stream only when your smart phone is in range of the camera.

For Peer to Internet the user connects a smart phone to the hidden camera through a router and network SSID. Add the app to as many devices as necessary so that more than one person can monitor the video feed. Users with long term hidden surveillance needs can really benefit from a Peer to Internet connection.

On the plus side:
• Very little limitation to remote access of the data.
• Easy for more than one person to monitor the hidden camera remotely.Things to consider:
• Set-up is more complicated as access to the user’s IP settings is necessary.
• Bandwidth is a consideration as narrow bandwidth, or several devices using the same router, can affect the video’s clarity.Our SleuthGear Zone Shield and Xtreme Life Wi-Fi Hidden cameras offer both P2P and P2I connections and our technicians are ready to handle any tech difficulties that arise after your purchase.  Just send us an email with any questions you may have.


Teenager Safety – Keeping Your Teenager Safe

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When our children reach a certain age parents may tend to think that teenagers are mature enough to take care of themselves. Although some teenagers are more responsible than others, its rare to find one that is fully responsible in all areas since in most cases, the more responsible teenagers have also been exposed to less temptation, peep pressure and outside influences.

Teenagers are familiar with texting or making a call while riding in a car and may feel that this is okay after they get their lisense and begin to drive. Let them know and give them real life examples that they can take to heart in order to protect them from bending these rules. Explain that even if they don’t cause an accident, they can still be taken to a nice cozy jail cell if they drive or text while talking on phone. Responsibility is about accepting consequences and if they make the mistake of taking someones life, no amount of work or money can ever make up for a permanent loss.

The other place to touch on when talking to teenagers about safety is the internet. Many of them may take in a lot of bad behavior while online. It is important to let them know that sometimes predators disguise themselves as a teenager or child in order to meet up with them face to face. On the other hand, you don’t want them to get too wound up in the online world and become anti-social in real life settings, so its important to know where the lines are and which people are safe to talk with and meet with.

Things like cyber bullying are becoming more common and if a child goes through this they may face the dangers of depression and even suicidal thoughts. So make sure your teenager knows something about this and that when they open up to strangers online, they are also opening up to possibly get hurt.

Most importantly, you may find that you are now leaving you teenager home alone more often. This is important since one day they will be on their own in their own place. Although a lot of parents think of ways to prevent their teenagers from acting up and throwing parties, there are basic safety precautions that every child or teen who is home alone should know. See our article: Home Alone Checklist (simple safety tips for kids home alone)

If you are lucky enough that you have made it through the teenage years and are now sending them off to college, make sure you check out our Extreme College Survival Kit

Wireless Surveillance Cameras – The Main Types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras on The Market

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Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Why Choose wireless surveillance cameras?

For one, who needs the headache of all those wires? Installing wireless surveillance cameras gives you the freedom to choose the best location for your covert operation without being hindered by installation problems. This is because wireless cameras send signals “even through walls” to a receiving unit like a tv, vcr, dvr computer or smart phone, where the footage can be stored or viewed live. Some wireless cameras have internal DVRs that record to an SD chip or internal memory, but they still need to be “wired” in most cases if you wish to view the footage live. Although wireless surveillance cameras seem like a “no brainer” Its important to remember that you still need a power source for the camera and receiver. Some of these cameras have their own battery that can last on motion detection for up to one year, while others need to be plugged into an AC outlet to power the camera.

What are the different types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras?

Analogue Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Analogue cameras transmit signals in waves and require the camera to transmit the analog signal via transmitter. They can record straight to a video tape, which made them popular in the past, but they can also have their signals converted to digital for storing images on a PC. This is done by plugging the camera directly into a video capture card in the computer. The card then converts the signal from analogue to digital. Another option is to store recording with the use of a digital video recorder or “DVR”. Unlike PCs, most DVRs are specifically made to store camera footage and as such require less maintenance. The downside is that ones the dvr technology fails, you usually need a whole new machine. Most DVRs will allow you to operate upto 4 wireless cameras at one time and 12 “wired” cameras. As well, Analogue cameras tend to top out at DVD quality or 640TVL.

Digital Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Digital cameras do not use a video capture card because computers are able to store digital footage directly. The signal is usually compressed to a 5:1 ratio, but higher quality can be achieved. Saving uncompressed digital data takes up a lot of hard drive space and as such, is rarely used for wireless surveillance purposes.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with RCA Receivers

These cameras are easy to set up and allow people who are familiar with rca cables to hook up a hidden camera to a standard television, DVR, VCR, or other device that allows for an RCA cable input. The Sleuthgear version seen here offers 300-700 ft line of sight and records at 640*480 @12fps and 320×240 @ 30fps (frames per second) To use these cameras you: 1. Place the hidden camera in your target area, 2. plug the power cord in 3. position the receiver up to 300 ft away 4. plug the adapter into the receiver and into the wall 5. Plug the RCA Connectors into your TV! The RCA receivers give you the easy side of both analogue and digital technology.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with USB Receivers

These digital cameras offer you the ability to stream your video live to your PC and view it remotely from anywhere in the world. They have encrypted transmission so you don’t have to worry about your feed being stolen. Essentially, your usb transmitter gets paired to the camera (which also means you can only use one at a time)

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with Wifi and IP Receivers

These receivers also allow you to view your feed over the internet by typing the IP cameras address into a web browser. They are slightly more complicated to set up, but most people find them well worth the money. Unlike the USB receivers, you do not have to have your computer on to view the feed. You are also able to connect to a television, dvr, or vcr via the RCA cables Redcat Racingare well, so its kind of like having to receivers in one. You can check our entire line up of digital wireless surveillance cameras at StunGunMikes.com

Real Spy Gear for protecting you and your loved ones

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Real spy gear is not only meant for agent 007.

Real Spy Gear devices have got a mysterious reputation due to movies such as James Bond. Such representations have resulted in the creation of an unachievable world of heroism, sex, murder and intrigue. However, the fact of the matter is that such a world is attainable. Chances are that even you are completely immersed in this world. A poll that was conducted recently found that seven of every 10 people in the US use real spy gear of some form or the other on an everyday basis. What is real spy gear? Which spies are using them? These spies are average Joes. The gear includes an extensive array of devices like GPS trackers, voice recorders and mini surveillance cameras. A lot of people are using real spy gear as it is similar to an insurance policy because it ensures the safety of users by keeping them informed because safety has become a necessity. It is no longer a luxury. To avoid being victimized people are investing in state-of-the-art real spy gear today. Let us look at some of the real spy gear devices that are available today.





Zone Shield is a covert system of video recording, featuring secure playback. It is integrated into actually working, small appliances or electronics. Unlike other covert video recorders, Zone Shield hidden recorder has extra protection of using proprietary software that is required for playing back recorded data of SD cards. The covert Zone Shield systems use SD cards of high capacity with the maximum storage space of 32 GB. The system is able to record continuously. This real spy gear could be scheduled for recording at pre-decided times or set in the mode of motion detection. They are backed by prestigious standards of customer service.

The specifications of the Zone Shield real spy gear devices are video compression of H.264, record resolution of 720×288 (PAL) / 720×240 (NTSC); 25/30, 13/15, 6/8 fps frame rate of recording; 4 modes of video recording – panic, schedule continuous, schedule alarm and schedule motion; secure playback through bundled software or playback mode via the device itself; compatible with Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 732 bit, 32-bit and Windows XP; backward, fast forward, playback – x8/ x4/ x2, frame wise; playback search in terms of event or time; four adjustable levels of recording quality – standard, normal, super and high; date/time stamp; stand format of time date – mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy, yy-mm-dd; SD card of maximum 22 GB for storage of recording, IR controlled remote control, buzzer, operation temperature from 0 to 50° C and firmware upgrade via SD card.

The Zone Shield alarm clock kit includes manual, remote, SD card of 2 GB, RCA cables and unit. The Zone Shield digital picture frame kit includes the picture frame, card reader, sleuth remote, video cable, sleuth manual, SD card of 2 GB, remote for the picture frame, power supply plug for the picture frame and manual on the device. The Zone Shield resolution air purifier kit includes the manual, remote, SD card of 2 GB, RCA cables, card reader and unit.

 The SleuthGear Covert HVR D1 Resolution DVD Player color supports SD card of two GB with the latest HVR board. This real spy gear records black-and-white or color videos of high-quality depending on the model. These models are very popular, which is why they’re designed in new versions that are packed with loads of extra features. They now boast of more memory, enhanced motion detection and higher resolution. They perform like commercial DVR. The company that manufactures this real spy gear has built a strong reputation as leader in pioneering, innovative hidden video. They have now announced their newest line of covert video solutions having state-of-the-art specifications. The high-tech features of this real spy gear are high D1 resolution at the rate of 720 x 480 resolution, 30 frames a second (adjustable from 1 to 30), 150 motion grades that are user selectable, multiple schedule options for recording so that you can record only the action, if you so want, SD card having capacity of 52 GB that allows for maximum recording space of three days and embedded video date and time stamp. The color camera might show black-and-white results in certain situations, where the light is very low. To test the color, point your camera in direction of extremely bright light and then go back to regular use.

The specifications of the SleuthGear Covert HVR D1 Resolution DVD Player color are video resolution of 320 x 240/ 720 x 480 / 1280 x 720; frame rate for one second of 30, 15, 5, 3, 2, 1 FPS; NTSC video system; MPEG – 4 video compression; CCD color camera; four modes for video recording – scheduled, continuous, overwrite and user selectable; multi-playback having function of event search; playback of SD card and AV out on the media player of Windows version; embedded date/time stamp on position and video selectable; 16 GB of storage on SD card supporting SDHC; remote control of IR; upgradable firmware via SD card; operating temperature of 0 to 50° Celsius and HD resolution of 1080 x 720. The kit comes with the manual, remote, SD card of two GB, RCA cables, card reader and the unit.

The 2.4 GHz Digital wireless camera set helps you to create a surveillance system of your own that you can run on the home computer or TV. The new design is such that it provides no interference with outstanding black-and-white picture at night and color picture by day with infrared LEDs that are 24 in number. You can also control the pan and zoom features of the cameras that are weather resistant via the receiver. Let us look at the specifications of this real spy gear. The camera is weather resistant. The output can be viewed on the PC or TV. The unit supports maximum of four cameras. You can select the option of dynamic clean channel. Its frequency is in the range of 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz. There are 24 LEDs offering night vision to a maximum distance of 26 feet. The digital transmission offers no interference in most of the cases.

Effective Stealth Cameras for Covert Operations

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Stealth Cameras


In this editorial we will be looking at stealth cameras that are in great demand in the market.

When a camera is required to see clearly in very low light the Sony ExView color 1/3 board camera is the ideal solution for lowlight high-quality video. It has dimensions of1 3/8″ x 1 3/8″ x 3/4″. It has a resolution of 318 lines. The cone lens is 3.7 mm. The image sensor is a Sony ExView 1/3 CCD. It offers illumination of 0.05 Lux.

At just 22 mm x 22 mm the mini color pinhole camera is the ideal choice for a project that requires a hidden camera. A conical shaped extended lens makes installation of this mini pinhole camera very easy in a range of undercover applications. You need not settle for video of poor quality from other mini cameras when you can enjoy clear crisp videos and also small size on using this device. Let us look at the specifications of such stealth cameras. The image sensor is the ¼ Super HAD SONY CCD. The scanning system has a 2:1 interlace. The scanning frequency NTSC (H) is 15.734 KHz and NTSC (V) is 59.94 Hz. The total number of pixels NTSC is 270K 537(H) x 505(V). The effective number of pixels NTSC is 250K 510(H) x 492(V). It has a resolution of over 318 lines. It has an internal sync system. It has a sensitivity of 1.0 Lux / F 2.0. It requires power supply of 12V. The power consumption is 140 milliamps or less. It has dimensions of 22mm (W) x 22mm (H). The kit includes the color mini pinhole camera and video and power pigtail.

The HD button camera can be used with the high definition DVR 503 touchscreen DVR. It features the technology DVR1284 Steath Cameraof wide dynamic range or WDR. When it is used in light reflection, glare, high contrast and backlight environments like near windows, the objects could look dark and hence unrecognizable. The WDR technology exposes lighting of entire scene appropriately so that you are able to see all that is going on, not glare! Installation is easy with the standard micro USB and mini HDMI jack. It is compatible with HD DVR503 DVR. Let us look at the specifications. Such stealth cameras offer WDR video and picture quality, covert interchangeable lens, PAL/NTSC switchable, digital high-resolution capturing maximum of 1.3 MP, CMOS sensor having illumination of 0.2 Lux and capability of working in light and dark, outdoor and indoor lighting. The kit includes a manual, screws and buttons, switching cable and the digital high-definition button camera.

The miniature sunglasses stealth cameras are extremely user-friendly. They can be connected to a host of DVR units. The camera lens is high-resolution offering 640 x 480 recording. It also features low consumption of power. This camera could be paired with a number of DVRs for recording pictures that are crystal clear in a totally body worn camera system. Let us now discuss its specifications. It has a weight of 20 g and size of 5.75 mm x 43.5 mm. The power source is the DVR unit. It has a video resolution of 480 lines. The camera lens is color CMOS. It has a format of PAL/NTSC switchable.

The handbag color stealth cameras are available as black, small, versatile bags fitted with covert color cameras. Stealth Camera HandbagThese devices could be used in nearly all situations, where hidden cameras are required. The fine quality color CCD camera hidden inside the bag having resolution of 450 lines and the small size is ideal for DIYers and professionals. The 0.2 Lux gives clean clear videos every time even in very low light. A number of handy DVR units work with the handbag covert color camera. We will now discuss the specifications of this device. The camera boasts of CCD super fine sensor, resolution of 450 lines, the S/N ratio of 48db (Min)/60db (Typ), electronic shutter of 1/60 (1/50)-1/120,000, minimum illumination of 0.2 Lux, 4.2 mm lens, video output of Composite 1.0Vp-p at around 75 ohm, view angle of 80°, DC power supply of 9 to 12 volts and consumption current of 120 mA. The bag is a unisex black high-quality item with a pullout strap, zipper on its top and on the side compartment, inside lining and secret pocket to hold the DVR. The kit includes the battery pack, bag, hidden camera, power cable and RCA A/V cable adapter. It has dimensions of 9.5″ x 6″ x 2″.

The mirror stealth cameras have frames having finish of natural wood. They have dimensions of 15″ x 12″ x 2 ¾”. They are powered by rechargeable eight hour battery pack. There is no need for cords or wires. The specifications of the mirror hidden camera are resolution of 420 lines, Sony CCD 1/3” image sensor, minimum illumination of zero Lux for color and 0.003 Lux for black-and-white, wide-angle lens of 3.7 mm and 12 volts of power. This wireless camera usually comes with AC receiver of 2.4 GHz. All the necessary battery packs and power supplies are included. The camera needs ambient light like television and nightlight. The 0.003 Lux allows best images possible in nearly complete darkness. Most of the transmitters of 2.4 GHz are high-powered. They increase the transmission distance to an extra 1500 feet, enhancing the wireless transmission to nearly 2500 feet.

The tower fan hidden camera could be installed in any location in the house. Stealth Camera Tower Hidden CamerasThe space saver, fully functioning fan has been designed to offer great performance. It has features like three speeds, rotating fan/camera right and left and grills for the safety of children. Its design is lightweight, making it very portable. Let us look at its specifications. It has a Sony CCD 1/3” image sensor, resolution of 420 lines, minimum illumination of zero Lux in color and 0.003 Lux in black-and-white, wide-angle lens of 3.7 mm and requires power of 12 volts. These wireless stealth cameras usually come with a free receiver of 2.4 GHz. All the needed battery backs and power supplies are included. The black-and-white camera features 0.003 Lux that allows the best images possible in almost total darkness. However, the camera requires ambient light such as television and night light.


Feel free to check out the complete line of Stealth Cameras available from StunGunMikes.

Preventing Employee Theft With Security Cameras

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wireless security camera systems

With security cameras becoming more affordable, most businesses are now equipped with at least some sort of surveillance.In most cases, hidden, stealth or plain view cameras are set up to prevent unlawful, illegal, and costly behavior by criminal threats from outside the business. However, they can also be used to increase employee efficiency by improving customer service and preventing employee theft.

Studies have shown that the majority of losses to your company will probably come from “inside” your organization. The National Retail Security Survey states the “Employee theft accounts for 46.8% of all retail inventory shrinkage.” While The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners states that “27% of large companies are seeing an increase in office employee theft that makes up 7% of annual revenues” This means that shrinkage costs the American economy over $994 billion per year, which is a pretty big number.

In a lot of cases, employees simply do not view their actions as theft until confronted by superiors. For example, most employees will take business stationary not viewing this as “Stealing.” Some companies have found that their stationary shrinkage and costs have dropped significantly just by provided their employees with a company branded and personalized pens with the employees name on it. The initial cost is higher, but employees are more likely to keep these pens longer and less likely to steal pen “Refills.” There are also other benefits that make employees feel more attached to the company and part of a “Team” as opposed to just an unappreciated worker.

Although in many cases, treating your employees well will help eliminate shrinkage,  installing cameras to monitor employee actions can have a faster and almost immediate cost savings. By placing surveillance cameras in stock rooms, over cash registers, and other potential areas of loss, you will greatly increase the amount of margin on your sales.

If your main goal is prevention, then surveillance cameras are the way to go. If you are looking to catch a thief, then stealth cameras may be a better alternative.

The best thing about buying a security camera surveillance system comes when you use the increase in profits to pay them.

Check our our wireless security camera systems for some great residential and commercial surveillance camera ideas

Home Lighting Safety and Security Tips

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For a home to be properly lit you must take into consideration both household safety (i.e. lighting that could prevent a fall or accident) as well as home security, which deals with crime prevention.

Home security lighting deals with:

Deterring Crime – A criminal may think twice about entering a well lighted home, or may run away if they set off a motion activated light.
Detecting Crime – Proper illumination can aid surveillance cameras, remove hiding places and expose home security weaknesses.

Control systems

A home light control system can be a convenient way to  save on electricity bills while providing both proper safety and security lighting around your dwelling.

The most common type of lighting control systems are timers (although timers can also be used for radios and other appliances) and motion detectors.

Timers operate lights at preset times. These work as a crime deterrent by giving the appearance of movement in a vacant home. They also provide for lighting safety for visitors and occupants in use of the premises.

Motion detectors are very convenient for safety lighting and double as a strong deterrent to intruders. Security cameras and motion activated alarms are both popular home security choices if the home owner feels that motion activated lighting doesn’t provide enough home security.

Here is a list of home lighting safety and security tips:

  1. The General rule of safety and security is that there should be enough light to read your wrist watch.
  2. The front of your home should be well lit.
  3. Report malfunctioning streetlights to your block captain or community official
  4. Alleyways should be well lit.
  5. Do not forget to trim hedges and illuminate shadowed areas caused by trees and shrubbery
  6. Provide extra lighting for waste disposal areas, particularly if they are connected to an alley
  7. Light all gates and fences surrounding your property
  8. Use a home light control system for during home absences
  9. set timers strategically to your lifestyle pattern. If you wake up at 7:00 am, set a light to activate at that time.
  10. Prepare emergency lighting in the advent of a power failure
  11. Use nightlights in hallways for night time trips to the bathroom

Proper lighting is just part of a complete home security plan. By implementing these home lighting tips you will lower your chances of being victimized by a crime and provide a safer living area for you, your family, and your house guests.

How to be your own detective

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The top 10 home detective tools of the trade.

Detectives work on a vast range of case topics from infidelity to insurance fraud.

At any given time a private detective can be working on cases that involve: Accident Reconstruction, Adultery, Alimony Reduction, Arson, Asset Checks, Financial and Criminal Background Checks, Bounty Hunting, Child Custody, Recovery, and Support, Civil litigation Investigations, Competitive Intelligence and counter intelligence, Computer Forensics, Covert Surveillance, Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigation, Cyber Investigations, Due Diligence, Electronic Data Discovery, Fire investigations, Fraud, Homicide Investigations, Identity Theft, Internet Profiling, Photo Surveillance, Public Record Searches, Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death.

Phew! That’s a mouthful, and it doesn’t even cover everything a professional detective gets hired to investigate.

Of course, we all have investigative needs, even if its just for our piece of mind and a lot of the time its better to do a bit of our own sleuthing before bringing in a professional. DIY sleuthing is a good way to save costs, sleep, and in some cases, relationships.

Below is a list of the top 10 tools that can turn a do it yourself detective, into a pro.

1. Bug Detectors – These gadgets help the detective find rf frequencies. Personal uses may vary from protecting yourself from privacy theft (i.e scanning a hotel room, or public bathroom or change room for hidden cameras) to guarding against nosy neighbors. With the former being the emerging trend.

2. Hidden Cameras – This includes nanny cams. With parents getting busier all the time, there is a growing need for trustworthy childcare. A hidden camera set up in off limit areas of your home will help you investigate a possible thief, while a nanny cam lets you see how your children are treated when you are not around.

3. Spy cameras – Do you always get what the salesman says in writing? Of course not, and who can read all that find print anyway. A verbal contract is legally binding in most cases, albeit much harder to prove. Pen camcorders and other spy gadgets allow you to get a record of what was said when buying anything from a used car, a new home, or a warranty on an mp3 player.

4. Internet Privacy Devices – Key loggers and internet privacy software are no longer used solely for special agents and corporate espionage. A new market of vigilant parents have given birth to all sorts of uses for these devices to protect their kids from inappropriate material and cyber criminals. The spy cobra is an example of computer monitoring software, while spy shelter is an example of protecting yourself from computer privacy theft.

5. Cell phone recording software – Devices like the cellphone recon allow you to covertly monitor all activities on your cell phone, and even track your phone location. Of course, these devices should only be used on your own cell phone or one that you have permission to monitor, otherwise you may be liable for legal action and privacy theft.

6.GPS Tracking – GPS devices used to only be for detectives who needed to follow and catch the bad guys. Now people are using these devices to map anything from the route of their car to the route their children take home from school. The iTrail gps monitor is an example of a home detective gps device.

7.UV lighting devices – We’ve all seen the CSI where the ultra violet light shines a new light of previously missed protein stains. Some infidelity detection kits come with these uv lights that can also be used to check things like hotel room cleanliness.

8.Voice changers – These devices allow detectives to call the same person more than once in an effort to get different information for their investigation. They range in price from novelty versions to professional ones. By changing the pitch of their voice, a woman of child can give the appearance of being a man when they are home alone.

9.Listening devices– These have practical uses for more than just covert operations. Plumbers, pest exterminators, auto mechanics, hunters, bird watchers, and many others have been using listening devices for years. They range in price from professional listening devices like the detect ear to sound amplifiers for the hard of hearing.

10.Tasers and Stun Guns – Although these devices are not just for detectives “per se” Stun devices offer a way to defend yourself against both expected and unexpected trouble. There are times when someone begins an investigation with one intention, only to accidentally stumble upon something dangerous. Being your own detective is a much about prevention as it is with investigation. Either way, you should never place your personal safety or security in jeopardy.

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