How to be your own detective

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The top 10 home detective tools of the trade.

Detectives work on a vast range of case topics from infidelity to insurance fraud.

At any given time a private detective can be working on cases that involve: Accident Reconstruction, Adultery, Alimony Reduction, Arson, Asset Checks, Financial and Criminal Background Checks, Bounty Hunting, Child Custody, Recovery, and Support, Civil litigation Investigations, Competitive Intelligence and counter intelligence, Computer Forensics, Covert Surveillance, Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigation, Cyber Investigations, Due Diligence, Electronic Data Discovery, Fire investigations, Fraud, Homicide Investigations, Identity Theft, Internet Profiling, Photo Surveillance, Public Record Searches, Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death.

Phew! That’s a mouthful, and it doesn’t even cover everything a professional detective gets hired to investigate.

Of course, we all have investigative needs, even if its just for our piece of mind and a lot of the time its better to do a bit of our own sleuthing before bringing in a professional. DIY sleuthing is a good way to save costs, sleep, and in some cases, relationships.

Below is a list of the top 10 tools that can turn a do it yourself detective, into a pro.

1. Bug Detectors – These gadgets help the detective find rf frequencies. Personal uses may vary from protecting yourself from privacy theft (i.e scanning a hotel room, or public bathroom or change room for hidden cameras) to guarding against nosy neighbors. With the former being the emerging trend.

2. Hidden Cameras – This includes nanny cams. With parents getting busier all the time, there is a growing need for trustworthy childcare. A hidden camera set up in off limit areas of your home will help you investigate a possible thief, while a nanny cam lets you see how your children are treated when you are not around.

3. Spy cameras – Do you always get what the salesman says in writing? Of course not, and who can read all that find print anyway. A verbal contract is legally binding in most cases, albeit much harder to prove. Pen camcorders and other spy gadgets allow you to get a record of what was said when buying anything from a used car, a new home, or a warranty on an mp3 player.

4. Internet Privacy Devices – Key loggers and internet privacy software are no longer used solely for special agents and corporate espionage. A new market of vigilant parents have given birth to all sorts of uses for these devices to protect their kids from inappropriate material and cyber criminals. The spy cobra is an example of computer monitoring software, while spy shelter is an example of protecting yourself from computer privacy theft.

5. Cell phone recording software – Devices like the cellphone recon allow you to covertly monitor all activities on your cell phone, and even track your phone location. Of course, these devices should only be used on your own cell phone or one that you have permission to monitor, otherwise you may be liable for legal action and privacy theft.

6.GPS Tracking – GPS devices used to only be for detectives who needed to follow and catch the bad guys. Now people are using these devices to map anything from the route of their car to the route their children take home from school. The iTrail gps monitor is an example of a home detective gps device.

7.UV lighting devices – We’ve all seen the CSI where the ultra violet light shines a new light of previously missed protein stains. Some infidelity detection kits come with these uv lights that can also be used to check things like hotel room cleanliness.

8.Voice changers – These devices allow detectives to call the same person more than once in an effort to get different information for their investigation. They range in price from novelty versions to professional ones. By changing the pitch of their voice, a woman of child can give the appearance of being a man when they are home alone.

9.Listening devices– These have practical uses for more than just covert operations. Plumbers, pest exterminators, auto mechanics, hunters, bird watchers, and many others have been using listening devices for years. They range in price from professional listening devices like the detect ear to sound amplifiers for the hard of hearing.

10.Tasers and Stun Guns – Although these devices are not just for detectives “per se” Stun devices offer a way to defend yourself against both expected and unexpected trouble. There are times when someone begins an investigation with one intention, only to accidentally stumble upon something dangerous. Being your own detective is a much about prevention as it is with investigation. Either way, you should never place your personal safety or security in jeopardy.

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