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Real spy gear is not only meant for agent 007.

Real Spy Gear devices have got a mysterious reputation due to movies such as James Bond. Such representations have resulted in the creation of an unachievable world of heroism, sex, murder and intrigue. However, the fact of the matter is that such a world is attainable. Chances are that even you are completely immersed in this world. A poll that was conducted recently found that seven of every 10 people in the US use real spy gear of some form or the other on an everyday basis. What is real spy gear? Which spies are using them? These spies are average Joes. The gear includes an extensive array of devices like GPS trackers, voice recorders and mini surveillance cameras. A lot of people are using real spy gear as it is similar to an insurance policy because it ensures the safety of users by keeping them informed because safety has become a necessity. It is no longer a luxury. To avoid being victimized people are investing in state-of-the-art real spy gear today. Let us look at some of the real spy gear devices that are available today.





Zone Shield is a covert system of video recording, featuring secure playback. It is integrated into actually working, small appliances or electronics. Unlike other covert video recorders, Zone Shield hidden recorder has extra protection of using proprietary software that is required for playing back recorded data of SD cards. The covert Zone Shield systems use SD cards of high capacity with the maximum storage space of 32 GB. The system is able to record continuously. This real spy gear could be scheduled for recording at pre-decided times or set in the mode of motion detection. They are backed by prestigious standards of customer service.

The specifications of the Zone Shield real spy gear devices are video compression of H.264, record resolution of 720×288 (PAL) / 720×240 (NTSC); 25/30, 13/15, 6/8 fps frame rate of recording; 4 modes of video recording – panic, schedule continuous, schedule alarm and schedule motion; secure playback through bundled software or playback mode via the device itself; compatible with Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 732 bit, 32-bit and Windows XP; backward, fast forward, playback – x8/ x4/ x2, frame wise; playback search in terms of event or time; four adjustable levels of recording quality – standard, normal, super and high; date/time stamp; stand format of time date – mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy, yy-mm-dd; SD card of maximum 22 GB for storage of recording, IR controlled remote control, buzzer, operation temperature from 0 to 50° C and firmware upgrade via SD card.

The Zone Shield alarm clock kit includes manual, remote, SD card of 2 GB, RCA cables and unit. The Zone Shield digital picture frame kit includes the picture frame, card reader, sleuth remote, video cable, sleuth manual, SD card of 2 GB, remote for the picture frame, power supply plug for the picture frame and manual on the device. The Zone Shield resolution air purifier kit includes the manual, remote, SD card of 2 GB, RCA cables, card reader and unit.

 The SleuthGear Covert HVR D1 Resolution DVD Player color supports SD card of two GB with the latest HVR board. This real spy gear records black-and-white or color videos of high-quality depending on the model. These models are very popular, which is why they’re designed in new versions that are packed with loads of extra features. They now boast of more memory, enhanced motion detection and higher resolution. They perform like commercial DVR. The company that manufactures this real spy gear has built a strong reputation as leader in pioneering, innovative hidden video. They have now announced their newest line of covert video solutions having state-of-the-art specifications. The high-tech features of this real spy gear are high D1 resolution at the rate of 720 x 480 resolution, 30 frames a second (adjustable from 1 to 30), 150 motion grades that are user selectable, multiple schedule options for recording so that you can record only the action, if you so want, SD card having capacity of 52 GB that allows for maximum recording space of three days and embedded video date and time stamp. The color camera might show black-and-white results in certain situations, where the light is very low. To test the color, point your camera in direction of extremely bright light and then go back to regular use.

The specifications of the SleuthGear Covert HVR D1 Resolution DVD Player color are video resolution of 320 x 240/ 720 x 480 / 1280 x 720; frame rate for one second of 30, 15, 5, 3, 2, 1 FPS; NTSC video system; MPEG – 4 video compression; CCD color camera; four modes for video recording – scheduled, continuous, overwrite and user selectable; multi-playback having function of event search; playback of SD card and AV out on the media player of Windows version; embedded date/time stamp on position and video selectable; 16 GB of storage on SD card supporting SDHC; remote control of IR; upgradable firmware via SD card; operating temperature of 0 to 50° Celsius and HD resolution of 1080 x 720. The kit comes with the manual, remote, SD card of two GB, RCA cables, card reader and the unit.

The 2.4 GHz Digital wireless camera set helps you to create a surveillance system of your own that you can run on the home computer or TV. The new design is such that it provides no interference with outstanding black-and-white picture at night and color picture by day with infrared LEDs that are 24 in number. You can also control the pan and zoom features of the cameras that are weather resistant via the receiver. Let us look at the specifications of this real spy gear. The camera is weather resistant. The output can be viewed on the PC or TV. The unit supports maximum of four cameras. You can select the option of dynamic clean channel. Its frequency is in the range of 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz. There are 24 LEDs offering night vision to a maximum distance of 26 feet. The digital transmission offers no interference in most of the cases.

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