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Natural Disasters – Are You Safe?

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Natural Disasters and Safety

Natural disasters are not a pleasant experience for anyone, unfortuneately however, they cannot be prevented from happening. Luckily, there are certain preventive measures you can put in place to ensure that the effects from such disasters are not so destructive to your family or your home.

With the different kinds of natural disasters you need to take different safety measures. One of the more common calamities people experience are floods which typically affect areas that are flat with a poor land terrain. To prepare for a flood, you need to check the main fuse box, heating system, and/or air conditioners. You need to raise all these items so that they will not get wet. If your worried about a small flood in your basement, a foot off the floor will usually do it. If you are worried about a massive flood, that’s different. See article: How to deal with an Emergency: Flood

Your home should also stand up to strong winds. If you windows and door are secure against crime, they are probably more secure against nature as well. See article:
How to secure doors and windows. You would be surprised how well protecting against crime can also protect you against nature as well. Even a glass break alarm can give you a heads up of a tornado or hurricane that decides to show up in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep.

Of course, during any emergency a safe room can be a life saver for the family. A safe room could have everything from spare food, first aid, emergency tools, bathroom facilites, floating devices, and more. Of course, it always helps to have some emergency cash around just in case, but you don’t want your safe room to be a burglary target either.


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