Wireless Surveillance Cameras – The Main Types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras on The Market

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Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Why Choose wireless surveillance cameras?

For one, who needs the headache of all those wires? Installing wireless surveillance cameras gives you the freedom to choose the best location for your covert operation without being hindered by installation problems. This is because wireless cameras send signals “even through walls” to a receiving unit like a tv, vcr, dvr computer or smart phone, where the footage can be stored or viewed live. Some wireless cameras have internal DVRs that record to an SD chip or internal memory, but they still need to be “wired” in most cases if you wish to view the footage live. Although wireless surveillance cameras seem like a “no brainer” Its important to remember that you still need a power source for the camera and receiver. Some of these cameras have their own battery that can last on motion detection for up to one year, while others need to be plugged into an AC outlet to power the camera.

What are the different types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras?

Analogue Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Analogue cameras transmit signals in waves and require the camera to transmit the analog signal via transmitter. They can record straight to a video tape, which made them popular in the past, but they can also have their signals converted to digital for storing images on a PC. This is done by plugging the camera directly into a video capture card in the computer. The card then converts the signal from analogue to digital. Another option is to store recording with the use of a digital video recorder or “DVR”. Unlike PCs, most DVRs are specifically made to store camera footage and as such require less maintenance. The downside is that ones the dvr technology fails, you usually need a whole new machine. Most DVRs will allow you to operate upto 4 wireless cameras at one time and 12 “wired” cameras. As well, Analogue cameras tend to top out at DVD quality or 640TVL.

Digital Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Digital cameras do not use a video capture card because computers are able to store digital footage directly. The signal is usually compressed to a 5:1 ratio, but higher quality can be achieved. Saving uncompressed digital data takes up a lot of hard drive space and as such, is rarely used for wireless surveillance purposes.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with RCA Receivers

These cameras are easy to set up and allow people who are familiar with rca cables to hook up a hidden camera to a standard television, DVR, VCR, or other device that allows for an RCA cable input. The Sleuthgear version seen here offers 300-700 ft line of sight and records at 640*480 @12fps and 320×240 @ 30fps (frames per second) To use these cameras you: 1. Place the hidden camera in your target area, 2. plug the power cord in 3. position the receiver up to 300 ft away 4. plug the adapter into the receiver and into the wall 5. Plug the RCA Connectors into your TV! The RCA receivers give you the easy side of both analogue and digital technology.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with USB Receivers

These digital cameras offer you the ability to stream your video live to your PC and view it remotely from anywhere in the world. They have encrypted transmission so you don’t have to worry about your feed being stolen. Essentially, your usb transmitter gets paired to the camera (which also means you can only use one at a time)

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with Wifi and IP Receivers

These receivers also allow you to view your feed over the internet by typing the IP cameras address into a web browser. They are slightly more complicated to set up, but most people find them well worth the money. Unlike the USB receivers, you do not have to have your computer on to view the feed. You are also able to connect to a television, dvr, or vcr via the RCA cables Redcat Racingare well, so its kind of like having to receivers in one. You can check our entire line up of digital wireless surveillance cameras at StunGunMikes.com

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