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The Facts About Fallen Police Officers In The Line of Duty.

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Although not every place is as dangerous to cops as New York City or the State of Texas, the job of serving the public by keeping them safe always means placing yourself in harms way.

Below is an infographic made in deference to all the police officers who have given their lives to keep us safe.

Officer Down
Image created by:Instant Checkmate

Real Spy Gear From America’s First Intelligence Agency

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When we think of “Real Spy Gear” we think of advanced espionage equipment used by the CIA and other agencies, but just because a spy gadget is “out of date” does not mean it isn’t real.  In fact some of the older surveillance equipment and spy gadgets from WWII and the cold war, are also some of the coolest.

The first intelligence agency in the USA was the OSS, or Office of Strategic Services. OSS activities created an ongoing demand for spying devices and surveillance equipment that could be used to trick, attack, or demoralize the enemy. Finding few agencies or corporations willing to undertake this sort of low-volume, highly specialized work, Franklin D Roosevelt recruited General Donovan (The Father of American Intelligence) to fabricate the tools that OSS needed for its clandestine missions (Similar to the British MI6). By the end of the war, OSS engineers and technicians had formed a collection of labs, workshops, and experts that occasionally gave OSS a technological edge over its Axis foes.

beano grenade and uniform button with hidden compass

The “Beano” grenade exploded on impact while the uniform button concealed a hidden compass

The Special Operations and Secret Intelligence Branches frequently called on the technical prowess assembled in the Research & Development Branch (R&D) and related offices. R&D proved adept at inventing weapons and James Bond type spy gadgets and in adapting Allied equipment to new missions. General Donovan hired Boston chemist and executive Stanley P. Lovell to be his “Professor Moriarty” in charge of R&D. The Division’s products ranged from silenced pistols to limpet mines to “Aunt Jemima,” an allegedly explosive powder packaged in Chinese flour bags. Tiny cameras and inconspicuous letter-drops were devised to assist OSS agents in enemy territory. A companion unit, located in the Communications Branch but also confusingly titled the Research and Development Division, developed wiretap devices, electronic beacons for agents in the field, and excellent portable radios (particularly the “Joan-Eleanor” system, which allowed an agent to converse securely with an aircraft circling high overhead).

Liberator pistol and Caltrops

The “Liberator Pistol” was very easy to conceal, while the Caltrops were designed to puncture tires.


R&D’s components also fabricated the myriad papers that an agent needed to create a plausible identity behind enemy lines. The latest German and Japanese-issued ration cards, work passes, identification cards, and even occupation currency all had to be secretly acquired, perfectly imitated, and securely passed to operatives preparing for missions that could end in sudden death if any part of their cover stories went awry. An agent’s appearance had to be just as carefully prepared. In the words of the OSS official history:

            …each agent had to be equipped with clothing sewn exactly as it would have been sewn if it were made in the local area for which he was destined; his eyeglasses, dental work, toothbrush, razor, brief case, travelling bag, shoes, and every item of wearing apparel had to be microscopically accurate.

The growing number of OSS coastal infiltration and sabotage projects eventually gave rise to an independent branch, the Maritime Unit, to develop specialized boats, equipment, and explosives. The Unit fashioned underwater breathing gear, waterproof watches and compasses, an inflatable motorized surfboard, and a two-man kayak that proved so promising that 275 were ordered by the British.

Spy Playing Cards with hidden map

A deck of playing cards conceal
a map which would be revealed when the top layer was soaked off.

Some OSS schemes had a Rube Goldberg feel about them that seems almost comical today. Project CAMPBELL, for instance, was a remote-controlled speedboat, disguised as a local fishing craft and guided by aircraft, that would detonate against an anchored Japanese ship. The prototype sank a derelict freighter in trials, but the US Navy had no way of getting close enough to a Japanese harbor to launch CAMPBELL, and declined to develop the weapon. R&D built plenty of devices of its own that looked good on paper but either failed in tests or proved too impractical for combat use. But America was locked in a war for its very survival, and R&D chief Stanley Lovell felt that no idea could be overlooked: “It was my policy to consider any method whatever that might aid the war, however unorthodox or untried.” Failures were accepted as a cost of doing business.

16mm  Kodak camera in the shape of a matchbox and acetone time delay fuses

Acetone Time Delay Fuses for limpet mines to be used against ships.
A 16mm Kodak camera in the shape of a matchbox.


For More information on weapons and spy gear see the original publication in the library section of the Central Intelligence Agency’s website.


The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun – The Most Important Cell Phone Call of Your Life

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Pretender black

Just about everyone seems to carry a cell phone these days. For many, their cell phones have become their link to the world, with modern design offering a boatload of features from picture-taking, to playing music, or even Internet access. But what about personal safety and security?

Sure, having a cell phone handy to call 911 in an emergency situation or to contact help in the event of a car breakdown on the highway is a great benefit, but how about REAL personal safety and security? Let’s say, for example, you’re walking to your car late one evening and the ominous sound of footsteps can be heard from behind. You wonder if you’re being followed by someone with the intention of doing you harm, but you also don’t want to seem paranoid by pulling out a self defense weapon.

Pretender Stun Gun Pink

What can you do?

Pulling out your cell phone to call 911 isn’t really an option at this point and if it turns out your instinct are right and you get attacked, it may be too late. You need help and you need it in your own hands! We’re talking about a cell phone that doesn’t make calls or take pictures but, instead, has the capability to stun a would-be assailant into submission, leaving them on the ground long enough for you to get away and find help and safety. Its called The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun, and it doesn’t mess around.

The Pretender Stun Gun is A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The element of surprise is a potent advantage in any confrontational encounter. Since cell phones are so commonplace, a would-be attacker should not be surprised to see a potential victim carrying one. The surprise comes at the realization that what was thought to be a harmless communications device turns out to be a weapon capable of delivering more than a million volts of stunning electrical force. The Pretender has enough power to knock a 300lb Man to his knees at just a touch

Some self-defense training teaches women to carry their car keys in hand, protruding through the fingers of her fist, to be used in defense of an attacker. Its an even better defense if the keys are attached to a kubaton, but this type of defense takes training and an organized though process while under attack.

Think of how much more effective it is to carry a powerful defensive force in the palm of your hand that requires only a touch to the attacker, and doesn’t leave the same physical damage as a set of keys or kubaton.

The Pretender, which looks innocuous, like an ordinary cellular phone, is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What appears passive and harmless carries a fierce bite capable of stopping anyone.

Features and Benefits of the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun

The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun is an ideal non-lethal defensive weapon for any adult to own. Whether carried in a purse, in a pocket or on your belt in the included holster, it can be readied for use in an instant, with the super bright 12 LED doubling as a blinding instrument and nighttime guide.

Battery operated and rechargeable models are both available, with two levels of safety built in to prevent accidental discharge.

With a lifetime warranty, it’s built to last and give the owner assurance that when it’s needed it will perform flawlessly, doing its job at the simple press of a button. The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun is a one-time purchase of a modest amount that will provide a lifetime of both protection and freedom from worry.

There’s an old saying that goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” This is so applicable to the Pretender Line of cell phone stun guns, but the reality is, even if you never get into a situation where you have to press that stun button to subdue a would-be assailant, just the peace of mind and empowerment of holding your own protection and safety in hand is well worth the small price it costs to carry one.

We live in a dangerous world, where violent crimes continue to increase in frequency. Take the small step of protecting yourself. The time to provide yourself with this level of security is right now.

There are lots of stun guns available on the market and you have lots of choices, but nothing beats the Pretender because it appears to be an ordinary, everyday device but it packs a wallop of force that is anything but ordinary.

Take a close look at your options and then do the right thing. Most importantly, do it now!

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Lipstick Pepper Spray – Ensure Your Personal Safety in Style

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 lipstick pepper Spray

Take a look at the recent FBI statistics on crime. The escalated rate of crimes particularly involving women as victims should reinforce your need to take a proactive stance in self defense techniques.

That is why you should not leave home without the lipstick pepper spray stashed in your hand bag. With the lipstick pepper spray in your bag, you will feel more in control in unexpected situations and be able to project an aura of confidence that may by itself prevent a possible attack.

The lipstick pepper spray is handy to have around not only to protect you from a human attack but from canine or any other animal attack.

The pepper spray holds 20 half second bursts that can be sprayed up to a 10 feet distance. The container looks no different than the average lipstick tube but only you will know that it is sheathing a potent self protection spray system.

The Lipstick pepper spray is an exclusive woman oriented self defense device optimizing your need for a subtle and convenient means of self protection. The moment you come in to contact with a person who makes you uncomfortable or feel threatened, simply reach in your pocket or handbag and take out the lipstick. Then remove the cap and keep it ready for instant use. The element of surprise will provide you with ample getaway time.

The spray does not cause any permanent damage or health risk. A burst from the spray to the face will result in temporary blindness, coughing, nausea, choking and in effect will bring the attacker on to his knees.

The lipstick tube can be bought in five tasteful colors including silver, blue, pink, black or red.

It is an ideal choice as gift for a girl friend, sister, mother, daughter, wife or any other women you want to help protect.


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Natural Disasters – Are You Safe?

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Natural Disasters and Safety

Natural disasters are not a pleasant experience for anyone, unfortuneately however, they cannot be prevented from happening. Luckily, there are certain preventive measures you can put in place to ensure that the effects from such disasters are not so destructive to your family or your home.

With the different kinds of natural disasters you need to take different safety measures. One of the more common calamities people experience are floods which typically affect areas that are flat with a poor land terrain. To prepare for a flood, you need to check the main fuse box, heating system, and/or air conditioners. You need to raise all these items so that they will not get wet. If your worried about a small flood in your basement, a foot off the floor will usually do it. If you are worried about a massive flood, that’s different. See article: How to deal with an Emergency: Flood

Your home should also stand up to strong winds. If you windows and door are secure against crime, they are probably more secure against nature as well. See article:
How to secure doors and windows. You would be surprised how well protecting against crime can also protect you against nature as well. Even a glass break alarm can give you a heads up of a tornado or hurricane that decides to show up in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep.

Of course, during any emergency a safe room can be a life saver for the family. A safe room could have everything from spare food, first aid, emergency tools, bathroom facilites, floating devices, and more. Of course, it always helps to have some emergency cash around just in case, but you don’t want your safe room to be a burglary target either.


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Covert Self Defense – Discreetly Wielding The Power of Surprise in the Palm of Your Hand

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The sight of regular self defense devices let others know that you mean business. This means they act as both a deterrent and an effective defense mechanism. The downside is that they also show a would be attacker what you are going to reach for should they try and take advantage of you, and the last thing you want is to be disarmed and have your stun gun or pepper spray working against you.

Here is where covert self defense items can help.

Because covert stun guns and protection sprays look like everyday items, they give you the advantage of surprise when confronted with an aggressor When something like this happens to you, every single advantage could be the difference between a close call and a traumatically life altering event.

Covert self defense also allows you to hold the item ready for action. This is important because an adrenaline surge could potentially make you shaky, causing you to fumble your device if you are improperly trained. By holding a covert defense item in your hand, you not only prepare yourself ahead of action, you are also less likely to freak people out (walking around with a wielded stun gun could send innocent passersby the wrong message and incite panic)

Lastly, you still get a deterrent factor from covert self defense devices. Even though a perpetrator can’t see that you are holding a very powerful self defense device, you still know that you are. This means that your “would be” attacker will see the aura of your confidence, and this alone may be enough to deter a crime.

So What types of covert defense are there?

Cell Phone Stun Guns

Covert Self Defense Pretender Cell Phone Stun Guns

These types of stun guns are not only the most popular, they are often some of the most powerful as well.

The two big names here are the Pretender and the Immobilizer.

The Pretender is a Stun Master stun gun and is manufactured by Safety Technology.



The Immobilizer is a Streetwise Security model that is made by Cutting Edge Products.

immobilizer cell phone stun gun

  • Both offer huge take down power after just seconds of contact.
  • Both have an LED Light
  • Both have a Safety Switch
  • Both come in CR2 battery and rechargeable versions
  • Both have a lifetime warranty and included holster.

Its very common to see someone with a cell phone in their hand, which is why a lot of people choose to carry this type of covert stun gun.

Cosmetics Disguised Stun Guns

Covert Self Defense Lipstick Stun Gun

These covert self defense devices are something out of a James Bond Film.

Similar in design and application, both the lip stick stun gun by Safety Technology and Perfume Stun Gun from Streetwise Security can send someone to the ground twitching like they just got bit by a black widow spider.

Made with the protection of women in mind, these covert self defense devices are also small enough to be completely concealed in the palm of a woman’s hand and can implemented with ease in a close up confrontation.

Lipstick and Perfume Pepper Spray

Covert Self Defense Perfume Pepper Spray

Similar to the lipstick and perfume stun guns except instead of a shock of electricity, these shoot out a burst of capsicum pepper. Although pepper spray can be slightly more difficult to use, (see our article on how to effectively use pepper spray) it can be just as effective in subduing an attacker when used properly.

Mace Hot Walkers


These covert gadgets have a storage compartment for things like keys and valuables inside two 1lb jogging weights. More importantly however is that it carries a replaceable Pepper Spray Bannister This means that if you were to get attacked while out jogging, you’ll be prepared and your attacker wont be.

If you don’t want to carry the extra weight around, you can also choose Mace’s regular jogger model

Pepper Pens

covert self defense pepper pen

This pen really is mightier than the sword!

Disguised as a piece of normal looking stationer, the pepper pen packages a powerful delivery system of pepper spray that contains 5 one second bursts that spray a stream of up to 6 feet!

The pepper spray pen also easily attaches to a pocket for easy draw action.

The Attack DVR

covert self defense attack dvr

This gadget produces an almost blinding light with a simultaneous 90+ decibel alarm. The sight and sound of this covert self defense device will not only help frighten off an attacker, but will also draw attention and help bring others to your aid.

The best part is that the attack DVR also records the entire event, capturing both audio and video that can be used in later for both apprehending the criminal and providing proof to aid in their conviction.

The Pepper Mace Baton

Covert Self Defense Pepper Baton

Its a two in one threat. First, it functions as a Kuboton (a much more effective hand weapon than just carrying your car keys between your fingers). Kubotons are used on the bony surfaces, soft tissue, or nerve points of an attacker. There is really no wrong way to use the Kuboton. Your striking power is enhanced with every blow causing increased pain to your attacker. You can even hold the Kuboton with key attached to the key ring and swing them in your opponents face.

Of course, as effective as a kuboton is, this model does one better. The Mace Kubotons carry 3 refillable one second bursts of pepper spray that can immobilize an aggressive person from 5 feet away.

Although pepper spray has some restrictions, a kuboton can be carried with you anywhere. So even if you don’t get the kind with the covert pepper spray, they are worth looking into.

The element of surprise is one of the biggest advantages in combat. Covert self defense devices provide you with this devastating advantage over an attacker. Not only that, but the confidence of your empowerment is often enough to prevent you from being victimized in the first place.

Visit and check out our section on Covert Self Defense. You’ll be glad you did.

Fake Security Cameras – Is a Dummy Surveillance Camera as Good as the Real Thing?

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According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, you can not know the true effectiveness of installing a security camera because once people are aware they are being watched, they stop commiting crimes.

Okay, Heisenberg wasn’t talking about theft and crime, he was referring to the obsurdity of quantum mechanics where observing an event changes the outcome of the event. However, this applies to crime too, where a potential thief who knows they are being watched, is obviously less likely to commit a crime for fear of being caught. Although a well prepared theif may simply don a mask before commiting a crime, the majority of crime can be prevented before it occurs.

This means that fake security cameras can potentially have the same effect in preventing crimes from occurring, even if they lack the follow up uses of evidence gathering and criminal prosecution.

What are some of the benefits of fake security cameras?

Obviously the number one benefit of installing a fake security camera is to deter crime

Improved customer service and employees effeciency is an added bonus of dummy cameras

Employees who work security will often increase patrols and remain more vigilant if they believe there are surveillance cameras watching them.

They give employees a sense of security which in itself can ward off potential criminal behavior.

What is Downside of installing Fake Security Cameras?

They may provide a false sense of security as well. This is why most security experts and CSOs choose to implement a mix of both functioning and non function cameras. This allows you to have surveillance in the most important places, but also allows you to give the impression of surveillance in areas that may have installation contraints.

So what makes a good Fake Security Camera?

Good fake security cameras can be intentified by one single trait. They are real cameras.

That is to say, the casings are the exact same casings that house real surveillance cameras, the only difference being that the fake security cameras are missing the inside electronics, lenses and other componentry.

The general rule of thumb is that the more features the dummy camera maintains, the more realistic and effective it will be. This means you can get a quality dummy camera that offers things like:

  • Infrared blinking lights
  • Pan Tilt Zoom
  • Motion detecting

and pretty much any other feature found in a real camera.

In fact, some people buy real cameras and use them as fake cameras by simply not hooking them up.

Lets take a look at some of the available options for dummy security cameras


First you will probably want to let people know they are being monitored. Try out a set of stickers or a lighted cctv sign like this one.


cctv camera sign


Next decide on the style of camera you think works best.

Fake Dome Cameras

A fake dome camera will run anywhere from $14 – $50 depending on the features.

The Dome Dummy Camera with LED light


fake dome camera with led light

The Dome Dummy Camera with LED light can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and is powered by a couple of aa batteries. It measures about 5 x 5 inches and about a foot across, and has an LED light that adds a realistic effect.


The Dummy IP Camera with Light


dummy ip cameraThe Dummy IP Camera with Light is a bit smaller measuring closer to 4” x 4”. This housing was originally designed for an IP camera that allows viewers to log in remotely.



The Dome Dummy Camera with Motion Activated Light


fake dome dummy camera with motion activated light

This fake camera has a built in motion detector that activated a red led light when someone gets within 3 feet. The best benefit of this camera is that the LED Light helps drawn attention to the camera, and adds to its realistic creditbility.


The 8 Inch Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with LED Light


fake dome camera with led light 8 inch

This fake dome camera works great outside. Even some really sophisticated crooks will see this as a high tech surveillance system. It has a red led blinking light, and gives off the impression that your business is guarded by 360 degrees of security surveillance.


Fake Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are very common and immediately let people know that they are under surveillance. Some business prefer dome cameras to bullet style because a dome camera is protected from someone redirecting it towards a wall. However Dome cameras aren’t quite as obvious to people and don’t function quite as well as bullet cameras when acting soley as a deterrant.

The Silver Bullet 5 Inch Dummy Camera with Square Shield

silver bullet 5 inch fake security camera

The led light on this camera was actually added as an afterthought so that people could see the camera at night.

A great fake security camera for use in parking lots, this bullet camera has an authentic video cable, and weather proof aluminum housing.

Solar Powered IR Dummy Camera in Circular Outdoor Housing

Solar Powered fake security camera

This dummy camera is powered by the sun if you install it outdoors, but it also takes 2 aa batteries if you want to install it inside. Measuring 10”x 6” x 7” this fake security camera features an authenic video cable,a nd a fullly adjustible plastic mounting bracket.


Zoom Cameras

Dummy Camera with Zoom Lens and Motion Detector

Zoom Dummy Camera with motion detection and led light

This security camera housing features a fake wireless antenna and zoom lens, but also has a fully functioning motion detector. If someone walks by within 10 feet, the camera will begin to pan back and forth, adding to the realism of the unit.

It also comes with a cctv window sticker.

Heavy Duty Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with Light

heavy Duty fake security camera with led light and motion detection

This was an actual unit for housing a security camera and its large size makes it very noticeable day or night. It also has a flahing LED light that makes sure it will get noticed. Very easy to install, this camera housing unit is 9” x 5” x 4”

The 15 Inch Heavy Duty Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with Light

Heavy Duty 15 inch fake security camera

If you thought the 9inch was a beast, this 15 inch is sure to entice you.

This heavy duty dummy camera in outdoor housing with light is the first of its kind to have the camera lens built into the glass front. This camera is next to impossible not to notice due to its size and led light.

With an authentic weather proof heavy duty metal housing, video cable, and fully adjustable and easy to install metal mounting bracket, this fake camera is the top of the line and works great for any outdoor location or event where you want to deter crime.


Fake Security Cameras always work better when mixed in with real security cameras, but are often used alone as well, especially during traveling events or where the installation of active surveillance is contrained due to location.

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SleuthGear – A Brand You Can Trust For Covert Security Cameras

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SleuthGear products are the exclusive of KJB Security, one of the leading suppliers of spy and surveillance equipment since 1992. Since then SleuthGear has made a name for itself as an elite brand of motion activated hidden camera surveillance with products lines like Zone Shield, Xtreme Life, Recluse, and the Infrared Night Owl. All of which are backed by high customer satisfaction with this line showing a return rate of less than 1%

Zone Shield

Zone Shield is a complete motion activated hidden video camera recording system that allows you secure playback of your captured video feed from an included SD Card. The memory card can be upgraded to 32 GB that allows you up to 3 days recording space.

As well, Zone Shield cameras are AC powered, so you don’t have to worry about battery life. Just plug it in, set it, and forget it.

These are a few of the products from the Zone Shield Line

The Zone Shield Digital Picture Frame

SleuthGear digital picutre fram zone shield

This motion activated hidden video camera may be the hardest one to spot. While displaying this camera at a trade show, even professional covert technology experts were unable to locate the hidden camera in the unit.

It took the use of looking through infrared led viewer on the spy finder to find the tiny hidden camera in this unit, and even then it wasn’t easy.

If you are looking for a hidden camera that is really difficult to spot, the zone shield picture frame camera is probably your best bet.

SleuthGear Digital Wireless

SleuthGear also builds hidden cameras that send encrypted data that can be both viewed and stored outside the unit. The 3 main types of this technology are USB, RCA, and IP covert camera feeds.

SleuthGear Digital Wireless USB Motion Activated Hidden Cameras

The SleuthGear USB covert camera system allows you to plug in your usb receiver to your laptop or computer. You can then watch things live, or log in from a remote location to view the live feed. The video quality is slightly lower than the IP and RCA models, but it still comes with digitally encrypted digital transmission.

The iPod Docking Station Hidden Camera.

iPod Docking Station

This model of digital usb camera looks like a regular docking stereo with built in speakers for your iPod or iPhone, but actually is houses a tiny hidden camera.

Because this covert camera from SleuthGear comes in an Infra Red Nightowl version as well, you can use it for night time surveillance as well, and even place it pointing outside a night time window should the need arise.

SleuthGear Digital Motion Activated IP Covert Cameras

The motion activate IP cameras from SleuthGear plug directly into your router so that you can view the camera feed in real time on your PC or right on your smart phone.

By far, the cube clock is the most popular model of SleuthGear cameras, and the IP model is no exception (it also comes in the IR nightowl version)

slethgear digital KJB cube clock camera IP

SleuthGear Digital Wireless RCA Motion Detecting Covert Cameras

Sleuthgear RCA Cameras come with digital transmitters built inside that stream video LIVE to your television, monitor or DVR or VCR.

The RCA transmission is encrypted so that no one can pick up your video feed. It functions with a 500 foot range line of site so you can watch the live feed from quite a distance.

If you wish to record the footage from the RCA line you will need to plug the receiver unit into either a DVR or VCR. A DVR is usually better since it is able to record only when motion is detected, whereas a VCR is running constant.

SleuthGear Digital RCA Hidden Camera

sleuthgear digital dvd player hidden camera

A popular choice for the RCA version is the SleuthGear DVR Player. As a natural part of an entertainment unit, this hidden camera can send a signal to an entirely different room, but still looks very natural being plugged into the wall, so there is no need to conceal the AC Power.

The SleuthGear Recluse

sleuthgear recluse heat activated ir camera

The Recluse has recently gone through a redesign. It now has a 64GB Memory capability, built in heat sensors, and invisible infrared sensors that capture action in total darkness. The Recluse Covert camera also boasts 8 hours of recording time and 100 hours of standby.

It plain black look allow it to blend into almost any setting.

SleuthGear Nightowl

sleuthgear nightowl sc8000 cube clock radio IR hidden camera

The Nightowl is the name for SleuthGear’s infrared covert camera line. The most popular among them being the SC8000 IR Clock Radio. This all in one recording solution works like a zone shield camera, but with IR capabilities.

The nightowl is also available in the iPod Dock and Cube Clock cameras of the IP and USB Digital Lines.

The SleuthGear Xtreme Life

The Xtreme Life line up of hidden cameras come with a battery life that last up to ONE YEAR on standby. This means that you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing an AC cord protruding from one of the cameras and you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery as often.

The SleuthGear Xtremelife Rock

xtremelife rock outdoor motion activated hidden camera

With recording outdoors in mind, SleuthGear designed a rock garden camera that can be placed almost anywhere outdoors without arousing suspicion After all, who would suspect that a rock would be recording their every move?

Great to record would be visitors to your home, or just to keep an eye on things while you are away, The SleuthGear Xtremelife Rock is unlike any other camera on the market.

SleuthGear has made a name for themselves with professional investigators, law enforcement and as the elite brand for the DIY detective. With Years of experience in the industry and Strong Warranty Service, SleuthGear is a name you can trust.

Why Take Chances with your safety and Security? Get Surveillance options you can rely on.

You can see the entire line up of SleuthGear Motion Activated Hidden Cameras at in the SleuthGear Section of our store

Flood Prevention – Do You Think Your Insurance Covers You Against Floods?

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Flood Prevention

photo wikipedia

Flooding in your house could result in more than just a loss of belongings. Apart from damaging your belongings, it can destroy the house itself leaving you and your family with no place to live.

But won’t my homeowners insurance cover me against flood damage?


Most people don’t realize that flood insurance is not usually included in there home owners insurance unless it is specifically asked for. Even if you do have flood insurance, it never hurts to take precautions.

Flood Tip #1. Watch your Foundation

Ensure that there is no water collecting around the house. Water should drain away from the foundation of your home. If its coming toward your home, it is only a matter of time and pressure before you experience a problem. You may need to add weeping tile or fix the slope in your driveway. Doing this will ensure that all the water drains away properly. If you can. A two percent pitch is a good number to aim for. This means that it will be graded at 1/4″ per foot.

Flood tip #2. Check the Joints and Pipes

From time to time, confirm that any joints and pipes in the home are working as they are supposed to. Confirm that no water is leaking from any areas around and below the refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs and sinks, garden hoses, or any other water source. In the event that there is leakage from any hoses or pipes, work on them at once, as these types of things tend to get worse over time.

Flood Tip #3. Locate problematic areas on the roof

Despite the fact that roofs these days are built practically storm proof, there is still a possibility of them having problems from time to time. To ensure proper drainage, get rid of all leaves, twigs, sticks and debris on the roof frequently. To prevent water leaks, it is vital that you clean the downspouts and gutters as well. Its also a good idea to confirm that there is no water getting into your attic. If there is, put a stop to it right away.

Flood Tip # 4. Have an alarm installed

Installing an alarm system that detects leaks around the house will, without a doubt, save you a lot of hassle and time. These are very beneficial especially when placed in the attics, basements and other low traffic areas. These devices can also very beneficial for travelers and cottage dwellers. They come in two kinds of leak detection systems; passive leak detection systems and active leak detection systems

Passive leak systems are simple to use and will just sound an alarm the moment they detect water. All in all, to ensure effectiveness of the alarm, you ought to respond to it almost immediately.

Active leak systems on the other hand shut off water or a specific appliance to the home when it detects a leak owing to the fact that it contains a shut off valve. You can have these installed either in the whole house or in just a part of the house. It is possible to have them monitored from central monitoring station to ensure the best protection even when you are not at home.

Remember, Flood happen. They cause wonderful things like mold and damage almost anything in their path.

Check your insurance policy to make sure you have coverage for a flood, and take all precautions.


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Car Security – An Overview of Your Car’s Security Products and Best Practices

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Your Vehicle’s security goes hand in hand with your own. Afterall, we spend quite a bit of our time in our vehicles these days, so it only makes sense to be a safe and secure as possible.

For some, extra car security may mean buying the latest car gadgets like gps car mounts, steering wheel locks, dash cams, emergency roadside markers and car safety tools. For others, car safety may mean driving safer on the road (see article winter driving safety tips) or even strengthening the security of your garage (see article: “Enhancing The Security in Your Garage”)

Since Car Security means different things to different people we are going to take a brief look into the different areas involved in being and feeling safe from the outside threats that drivers may or may not know they are facing.

Vehicle Theft Prevention

If you’ve read our article on How to Design a Complete Security Plan, you are probably aware of our vehicle theft prevention tips checklist, but in case you aren’t, here is a refresher:

Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

  • Never leave your car running when making a quick stop. It invites any would be theif to an opportunity that they weren’t otherwise looking for.
  • You could use an extra Key to allow you to keep the car running but locked on those really cold days where starting the engine takes some time.
  • When selling your car or motorcycle don’t allow just anyone to test drive it. Believe it or not, people have been known to just drive away. Get Call back numbers from people who call your ads, and get Identification. Checking a potential buyer’s drivers license just makes sense.
  • Beware of unscrupulous mechanics or repairmen. Never leave your house keys on your key ring when having your car repaired. Remove all potential threats of identity theft as well. This may mean doing a thourough clean up of the glove compartment

Car Theft Prevention Checklist:

  1. Always remember to keep your vehicle locked when it is parked (even if its in your garage)
  2. Make sure you leave duplicate car keys with service attendants rather than the originals with the Dupe numbers stamped on them.)
  3. Make sure you keep copies of all your registration and insurance information at home, as well as in the car.
  4. Remember to always park your vehicle in well lit areas. This improves your personal safety as well as your car’s security.


Car Security Devices

Car and Vehicle security devices all do different things. (Immobilizers disable the vehicle to prevent theft for instance) Here we are going to look into the different types of gadgets and accessories you can buy to improve the overall safety and security of you, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Steering Wheel Locks

These locks prevent someone from jumping in and driving away with your car. The idea is, that if you can’t steer it, you cant steal it. They are also often used to prevent unauthorized teenage drivers from taking the car without permission.

Two popluar choice for steering wheel locks are both from Swat Lock.

swat steering wheel lock

Steering Wheel Alarm w Remote

The Swat Lock Portable Car Lock Alarm with Remote control

These two steering wheel locks from Swat offer:

  • A Warning LED,
  • A Flashing Strobe Light
  • A 120 db siren,
  • A hard steel lock

The alarm will sound if you car gets a window tapping or jolt, and you can use either the 3 included keys or the ir remote to disarm the swat lock.

Both are very popular due to their ease of installation and added car security.

Emergency Roadside Markers and Vehicle Emergency Tools

Emergency Roadside Markers

These types of tools are used to warn other drivers of an accident, signal help, prevent an accident (as is the case of the nap alarm), break out of a car after an accident, or possibly even ward off an attack from inside your vehicle.


The Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit includes the following products:

  • Auto Emergency Tool (1)
  • Nap Alarm (1)
  • 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip (1)
  • 9 LED Flashlight (1)
  • 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray with Keychain (1)
  • Diversion Safe – Engine Degreaser Can (1)
  • All batteries included

However, it does not come with any roadside markers or led warning lights for your car.

Some Drivers may also feel more comfortable with a flashlight stun gun in their arsenal.


GPS Car Mounts and GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices work in one of two ways. Passive and Real Time.

gps tracking

Real Time GPS Tracking Devices like the SleuthGear Live Vehicle Tracker, monitor your vehicle live while its on the move. This usually means that you have to subscribe to a monthly fee, however this may be a very valuable feature for business owners who have employees on the road.

Passive GPS Car mounts like the iTrail (which doesn’t have to be mounted to a car to be used) record their movements internally to a map and then later display their travels when you retreive the unit and download the travel information to a computer hard drive.


Because passive gps units like the itrail are much more cost effective, they have become very popular.

Dash Cameras – The Added Car Security from Dash Cams

If you have read our article on Dash Cams, you know that there are many reasons to install a dash cam other than just to record scenic road trips.

  • If you’re not sure a dash cam will be of use to you, ask yourself questions like these:
  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone lied about fault in an accident?
  • Do you think you could become a target of someone purposely creating an accident to start an insurance claim?
  • Have you ever experienced someone getting out of there car in a road rage? We’re they angry at you?
  • Do you worry about young drivers in your vehicle?
  • Do you worry about employees in your vehicle/s?
  • Would you like a chance to critique their driving performance?
  • Would you like to protect yourself and other drivers of your vehicle against fraud?
  • Would you like to record a beautiful scenic road trip?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to give our article on dash cams a read.

The Dual car camera with GPS lets you record images from both both inside and outside your vehicle and also has a G shock sensor that records automatically if you get into an accident as well as loging your exact location, speed and direction.

dual car camera

Because the dual car camera offers benefits of GPS and Dash Camera recording, it is one of the most popular choices for those looking to improve both car safety and security.


To see more products that deal with automobile safety and security visit and check out our Car Security Section. You’ll be glad you did!

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