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Seniors Living Alone – A Few Tips to Help Aid Senior Citizens Who Live By Themselves

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senior citizens living alone

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Among the most fundamental issues for a large number of senior citizens who live on their own is the ability to be independent and actually feel safe inside their own home. Fortunately enough, it is very possible for these senior citizens to safely live on their own owing to a number of practical safety tips.

First on the list. Strong locks on Strong Doors. This will go a long way in ensuring that no one breaks into the home. Remember to remind seniors that they need to remember to lock all doors and windows, not just the front door. Try making it part of their nightly routine. (for more on this see our article on how to secure doors and windows)

It will also be very beneficial to have safety bars installed inside the bathroom close to the toilet and to the shower and to ensure that the railings for going up and down stairs are very secure and safe. Also ensure that they have all been installed at heights that are comfortable to avoid the need to strain or reach for them.

Another important thing that you should do is to make sure that the lighting inside the house is adequate and that all forms of tripping hazards which include cables and rugs are not carelessly lying in the way or are firmly attached to the floor. It may also be a good idea to have motion activated lights installed to alert you any time a person gets into the room. (for more tips on this see our article on How to Prevent Falls)

It will also be a good idea to have an emergency alert system installed as this will ensure a very high level of security and safety. These emergency alert devices which include personal emergency response systems and medical alert systems give senior citizens the chance to go with their daily activities in confidence that they get needed help at the press of a button. Emergency alert or medical alert systems are very small in size thus they are light weight and easy to carry around. Usually they can be worn on a keychain, neck or wrist. In some cases, these devices can call a neighbor, paramedic or family member.

For a little added security, try the Barking Dog Alarm. It sees through walls and give out a loud convincing bark when intruders approach.

Protecting Your Data – Five Security Guidelines to Use in Protecting your Data

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Data Safety and protection

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With each passing day each of us becomes a little more dependent on our computer devices and the precious data held within. It does not matter whether you make use of computers for business or pleasure you data is important, period.

Below are a few useful tips that will help you to ensure the safety of your data:

Frequently back up your Data

Yes, its a no-brainer, but this happens to be among the most vital computer activities you can engage in. Unlike antique furniture, the computer you are using is an electronic device that is not built to last. You could end up losing your data for good in the event that your hard drive dies or your motherboard blows, or you accidentally overwrite the data after deleting it. (in most cases deleted data can be recovered, but not if its overwritten)

The most effective way to ensure the safety of your data is to have a separate copies in a second storage device, like in an external hard drive or flash drive. It is always advisable to keep two copies. We feel the flash drive is the superior way to go, since a few of us have accidentally put them through a laundry and dryer cycle, only to still have them work.

Be On The Lookout

There are a number of criminals on the Internet who make attempts to trick you out of your data by getting you to upload your confidential information on the internet. Sometimes, it will be an email from a fake IRS agent asking you to confirm your info, or it may a virus that installs itself on your computer when you click a pop-up ad.

In most cases you need to confirm that the site is what it claims to be (but not by following links that are emailed). A number of criminals make use of similar domain names in attempt to trick unsuspecting people. For instance, criminals may use the site,, to trick customers who bank online with online banking site into giving them their account information. Be on the look out to ensure your safety.

Be Aware of Your Downloads

It is also very important that you avoid installing programs whose certificates are not trusted or that you are unsure of. Often, viruses hide in other programs. You could try to download a free copy of open office from a website, only to have a surprise Trojan horse installed on your computer along with it. That’s why its always better to download from the original source and link.

Ensure the Safety of Your Password

Avoid letting other people knowing your Internet passwords and use passwords that are not easy to guess. It is very easy for any person to steal all your information provided that they have all your passwords. As well, consider the use of anti-keylogger software.

Utilize Protective Measures

Computer security programs, spyware detectors and virus scanners are very vital. Two of the best free versions are AVG and Avast. Ensure that you have one installed and that you frequently update and run it A lot of these programs are created differently and a number of them result in more problems than they are worth. Most of the paid versions allow you try them first, so you can see if they slow your computer too much.

Even the best antivirus is not enough to protect some information. If you have Data like this, it may be a good idea to store it on a separate computer that does not connect to the Internet….ever.

For more on computer security visit our E-Store.

Teenager Safety – Keeping Your Teenager Safe

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When our children reach a certain age parents may tend to think that teenagers are mature enough to take care of themselves. Although some teenagers are more responsible than others, its rare to find one that is fully responsible in all areas since in most cases, the more responsible teenagers have also been exposed to less temptation, peep pressure and outside influences.

Teenagers are familiar with texting or making a call while riding in a car and may feel that this is okay after they get their lisense and begin to drive. Let them know and give them real life examples that they can take to heart in order to protect them from bending these rules. Explain that even if they don’t cause an accident, they can still be taken to a nice cozy jail cell if they drive or text while talking on phone. Responsibility is about accepting consequences and if they make the mistake of taking someones life, no amount of work or money can ever make up for a permanent loss.

The other place to touch on when talking to teenagers about safety is the internet. Many of them may take in a lot of bad behavior while online. It is important to let them know that sometimes predators disguise themselves as a teenager or child in order to meet up with them face to face. On the other hand, you don’t want them to get too wound up in the online world and become anti-social in real life settings, so its important to know where the lines are and which people are safe to talk with and meet with.

Things like cyber bullying are becoming more common and if a child goes through this they may face the dangers of depression and even suicidal thoughts. So make sure your teenager knows something about this and that when they open up to strangers online, they are also opening up to possibly get hurt.

Most importantly, you may find that you are now leaving you teenager home alone more often. This is important since one day they will be on their own in their own place. Although a lot of parents think of ways to prevent their teenagers from acting up and throwing parties, there are basic safety precautions that every child or teen who is home alone should know. See our article: Home Alone Checklist (simple safety tips for kids home alone)

If you are lucky enough that you have made it through the teenage years and are now sending them off to college, make sure you check out our Extreme College Survival Kit

Dash Cams – A Look into Dash Mounted Camera Systems

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Dash Cams

We’ve all seen dash cam footage from a police cruiser capturing the bad guys with full video evidence at their disposal. But with the lowered cost of technology these days, many citizens are now finding themselves able afford a dash cam of their own.

But who can really benefit from one of these devices? Are dash cams just for recording accidents and road trips? Or can they be used by regular citizens as a preventative measure for things like driver safety and crime?

The fact is, people are buying dash cams for anything from making home made movies to observing how their teenagers handle the road when they are driving on their own.

If you’re not sure a dash cam will be of use to you, ask yourself questions like these:

  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone lied about fault in an accident?
  • Do you think you could become a target of someone purposely creating an accident to start an insurance claim?
  • Have you ever experienced someone getting out of there car in a road rage? We’re they angry at you?
  • Do you worry about young drivers in your vehicle?
  • Do you worry about employees in your vehicle/s?
  • Would you like a chance to critique their driving performance?
  • Would you like to protect yourself and other drivers of your vehicle against fraud?
  • Would you like to record a beautiful scenic road trip?

If you answered yes to any of these, you will definitely benefit from the use of your dash cam.

So What are Dash Cams?

Dash Cam

Dash cams are often used synonymously in place of “car cameras”, or “windshield cameras”. They are small cameras that record the road and surroundings while driving. Some also record outside the sides or rear of your vehicle as well.

A windshield camera mounts from a higher perspective than a dash mounted cam, and is usually mounted to the rear-view mirror so that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the driver. However, they are also sometimes attached the the windshield at the top left or right hand side.

Dash cams, (the more popular choice) usually have some sort of mounting device that enables them to stick directly to your dash board. These offer a lower vantage point along with easier installation. They are generally battery powered, but some can be used while plugged into the vehicles cigarette receptacle.

Part of what makes them more popular is that they are easily detached from their mounts and can be used as a camcorder as well. This feature can be very handy for times right after a recorded accident as it helps to get any statements from both witnesses and the other driver on record.

Who uses Dash Cams?

Dual car Cam Pro Dash Cams

Almost anyone can benefit from the use of a dash cam, including professionals like:

  • Driving instructors.
  • Flight instructors.
  • Police, Fire, and Ambulance Workers.
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Professional Truck Drivers.
  • Carpoolers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Teachers
  • Bounty Hunters,
  • Private Detectives
  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers
        and more…

Of course these are just some of the business uses for dash cams. Private citizens can also benefit from their use.

The Benefits of Dash Cams

Gripper Dash Cam

Wondering how you will benefit from the use of a dash camera? Below you will find just some of the benefits that most people miss.

  • They protect you, your family and anyone who drives your vehicle
  • They aid in fleet management by reducing fleet costs and improving driver safety and responsibility.
  • The protect no claims bonuses with insurance companies and can often be used for a discount in premium payments
  • They allow you to record the events surrounding your vehicle on video
  • Dash cams can record scenic driving, camping trips, and other road excursions
  • Dash cams can be used to capturing thrilling video by being transferred to bikes, helmets, or even parachutes!
  • Dash cams record traffic violations, and accidents
  • They can be used as wireless surveillance cameras for security purposes
  • They allow you to assess driving technique of vehicle users
  • Dash Cams are proven to increase driver efficacy
  • They function as a great driver training tool
  • They also stop inaccurate judgemental driving complaints
  • They help secure your possession and may even help keep an eye on the driveway of your home or business
  • You can use the G-Sensor analysis on higher end models to improve your eco-driving skills
  • Without a Dash Cam it is virtually impossible to prove the other driver was 100% at fault
  • Dash cams reduce claim settlement times
  • They can be removed from the vehicle and often used for other uses
  • You can use the same unit in more than one vehicle
  • SD Memory cards can hold days of video footage
  • Dash cams can often be powered from a car’s lighter accessory socket
  • They are very easy to install.

<b>So what should you look for in a dash cam?</b>
Some dash cameras record in segments such as 2,5,or 15 minute segments. The cameras will often not record while saving, causing you to miss some action. You want to avoid delay times in footage as much as possible.

Some questions you will want to ask before buying a dash cam are:

  • Is it HD?
  • Does it have GPS?
  • Is the dash cam equipped with G sensors?
  • Does it have Wide Angle Lenses?
  • Does it use an easy to use software interface? (very important)
  • Does it offer 360 Degree rotation?
  • Does it record and charge at the same time?
  • Does it display the video live on an lec screen whiles driving?
  • Does the dash camera record to a removable SD Card or internal memory?
  • When full, does the dash cam re record over old footage in a loop?
  • What Accessories does it have? These may include things like remote controls, mounts, laynards and more.

The best thing to do is figure out what the Dash Camera’s “Primary Use” will be. Then once this problem is solved effectively, look at other options and extras that will help you with other uses. There is no sense getting a dash cam to record accidents, if you are going to also lend it out to someone for their mountain bike so to speak.

With the lowered cost and increased effectiveness of dash cams, getting one is a no brainer. Just the improved safety alone is enough to warrant adding one to your vehicle, and you can reap all the other benefits too.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras – The Main Types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras on The Market

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Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Why Choose wireless surveillance cameras?

For one, who needs the headache of all those wires? Installing wireless surveillance cameras gives you the freedom to choose the best location for your covert operation without being hindered by installation problems. This is because wireless cameras send signals “even through walls” to a receiving unit like a tv, vcr, dvr computer or smart phone, where the footage can be stored or viewed live. Some wireless cameras have internal DVRs that record to an SD chip or internal memory, but they still need to be “wired” in most cases if you wish to view the footage live. Although wireless surveillance cameras seem like a “no brainer” Its important to remember that you still need a power source for the camera and receiver. Some of these cameras have their own battery that can last on motion detection for up to one year, while others need to be plugged into an AC outlet to power the camera.

What are the different types of Wireless Surveillance Cameras?

Analogue Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Analogue cameras transmit signals in waves and require the camera to transmit the analog signal via transmitter. They can record straight to a video tape, which made them popular in the past, but they can also have their signals converted to digital for storing images on a PC. This is done by plugging the camera directly into a video capture card in the computer. The card then converts the signal from analogue to digital. Another option is to store recording with the use of a digital video recorder or “DVR”. Unlike PCs, most DVRs are specifically made to store camera footage and as such require less maintenance. The downside is that ones the dvr technology fails, you usually need a whole new machine. Most DVRs will allow you to operate upto 4 wireless cameras at one time and 12 “wired” cameras. As well, Analogue cameras tend to top out at DVD quality or 640TVL.

Digital Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Digital cameras do not use a video capture card because computers are able to store digital footage directly. The signal is usually compressed to a 5:1 ratio, but higher quality can be achieved. Saving uncompressed digital data takes up a lot of hard drive space and as such, is rarely used for wireless surveillance purposes.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with RCA Receivers

These cameras are easy to set up and allow people who are familiar with rca cables to hook up a hidden camera to a standard television, DVR, VCR, or other device that allows for an RCA cable input. The Sleuthgear version seen here offers 300-700 ft line of sight and records at 640*480 @12fps and 320×240 @ 30fps (frames per second) To use these cameras you: 1. Place the hidden camera in your target area, 2. plug the power cord in 3. position the receiver up to 300 ft away 4. plug the adapter into the receiver and into the wall 5. Plug the RCA Connectors into your TV! The RCA receivers give you the easy side of both analogue and digital technology.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with USB Receivers

These digital cameras offer you the ability to stream your video live to your PC and view it remotely from anywhere in the world. They have encrypted transmission so you don’t have to worry about your feed being stolen. Essentially, your usb transmitter gets paired to the camera (which also means you can only use one at a time)

Wireless Surveillance Cameras with Wifi and IP Receivers

These receivers also allow you to view your feed over the internet by typing the IP cameras address into a web browser. They are slightly more complicated to set up, but most people find them well worth the money. Unlike the USB receivers, you do not have to have your computer on to view the feed. You are also able to connect to a television, dvr, or vcr via the RCA cables Redcat Racingare well, so its kind of like having to receivers in one. You can check our entire line up of digital wireless surveillance cameras at

Meeting Online – Arranging Safe Meetings for Online Friends

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Many people are using the social networks to build relationships these days. Some of these sites include Facebook, twitter linked-in, with linkedin more focused on business relationships. The internet has taken romance globally and a lot of people are finding partners from all around, in some cases even other countries. However as easy as this may sound, it is good to keep some safety measures in place to prevent dangerous situations from taking place. You may find someone who appears to have the same interests as you, but some of them could be pretending to get your attention. For your safety, ensure that the following information is clear with you before you choose to meet anyone from social networks.

First it is important not to share any personal information with someone you do not know well. You could be chatting with anyone for as long as a whole year but that does not mean you know them well enough to share everything about your life with him. Things like giving out your account numbers could be the dumbest thing to do. A mistake like this can bankrupt you both financially and emotionally. As well, others can use the information you give them to give to someone else, or even frame you for a crime “they” are committing.

When you eventually decide to meet one on one, make sure that the meeting point is in public. For a first meeting it is not wise to invite a person to your house. Make sure you go to a restaurant or coffee shop that is secure enough and avoid romantic places that are often private and secluded. If you choose to eat, make sure you eat the foods you are familiar and watch your alcohol intake.

As well, it always makes sense to tell a close friend of yours about the meeting and about the exact place you are meeting. If possible have them accompany you and stay alert to watch for anything bad. As well, give your friend the phone number and real names of the person you are meeting along with the names they use in the social network.

Before meeting the person make sure you find out as much as possible about them through other sites like Google. Search engines can give you a clue on how to find out if the people you are meeting are safe to be with or if they are a great danger to your life. Of course make sure you have their real name


To feel even safer, see the protection spray section in our Home Security Superstore


Alarms – Choosing the Right Alarms for the Right Place

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When we think of alarms, we usually picture in our minds a burglar alarm going off at a bank or an annoying car alarm going of by accident. The fact is, there are many types of alarms the warn you of danger, be it smoke or CO2 alarms, burglar alarms, door alarms, pool alarms, cellphone calling alarms and more.

Our focus here is on security and family protection alarms. There are many types here as well and its important to choose the right alarm for the right place and different alarms alert you to different types of danger.

Intruder, Glass Break Alerts and House Alarm Systems

These types of alarms alert you when someone approaches your home. If you have a driveway alarm, it will sound a chime when someone enters your driveway and functions more as an “alert” that detects motion. Other alarms that detect motion on the inside of your home or when an entrance is breached, sound of a much more serious sound than their chiming cousins and serve to both alert people in the home, and scare off intruders.

Some popular choices of these types of alarms are:

The Electronic Dog Alarm

Barking Dog Alarms

The Fido sees intruders through walls and lets out a very mean and realistic bark when people approach your door. A dog will always make an intruder think twice about entering a home. This way you get the security benefits of a dog without the responsibility of taking care of it. Great for seniors who are unable to handle large dogs on their own.

Auto Dialers

Auto dialers call a predetermined number when they are set off. This prevents the police being called when a family member accidentally sets off the alarm.

One of the most popular auto dialer alarm systems is:

The Homesafe Wireless Security System

Homesafe Wireless Security Alarm

When a door or window sensor is triggered it sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit. The base unit then dials a number and give the person who answers the option to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice, or disarm the system.

Personal and Trip Door Alarms

These alarms are portable and can be set up to secure your surroundings when you are away from home. Door stop and door handle alarms can be set up to warn you of a breach in your privacy, while personal alarms can let out a piercing scream to help ward off an attack and call others to help. Other personal alarms like the nap alarm can be used to wake you up if you feel yourself drifting off. Although great for college students, a nap alarm is a necessity for anyone who drives really long hours.

The Pal 130L is a very popular personal alarm that also functions as a flashlight.

Pal 130L Personal Alarms

Proximity Alarms

Proximity alarms let you know when an area of your home has been breached. Sometimes they can be used to alert you when a youngster is in an off limits area or even when a pet goes somewhere they aren’t supposed to.

The most popular and necessary proximity alarm is by far the pool protector alarm.

Pool Alarm

This alarm automatically sounds when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool. It triggers a lout pulsating alarm at the unit and from the remote receiver. An absolute must for any pool owner.

Alarms save lives because they are able to bring attention to danger. Be it an accident or an attack, the ability to get help is one of the biggest factors in surviving danger. Make sure you are adequately prepared.

James Bond Gadgets – 50 Years Later, James Bond Gadgets Hit Mainstream

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James Bond (code name 007) is a fictional super spy created by writer Ian Fleming. In 1962 Dr. No hit the big screen with Sean Connery playing Bond. Since then, there have been 22 different James Bond movies.

Pay attention to the year of the first James bond. This was 50 years ago, and since then technology has gotten smaller and affordable. For instance, the bug detector Bond uses in the 1963 film “From Russia With Love” can now be purchased by regular everyday citizens who simply want to protect their privacy.

Below is a list of the most popular James Bond Gadgets bought by Real people in today’s world.

Spy Watches

Yes, spy watches are one of the most popular covert spy gadgets around. Some people carry them into meetings and lectures as a way of recording the minutes, while others use them covertly to record verbal contracts or confront deceit.

You want your spy watches to look cool, but not too cool that they draw attention.

Spy Eyewear

spy eyewear

Glasses and sunglasses are great because they let you see a first person view of what goes on. Police officers have tested both cameras that pin to the uniform and cameras that record in FPV and have found that the non FPV cameras usually don’t record the situation in a way that allows the officer to explain their cause of action. However, FPV recording is also often used for other purposes like recording recreational fun.

Spy Pens

spy pen

Some spy pens record audio and some video, but audio is the most common. These spy gadgets can also be used to verify verbal contacts and are often placed in the front pocket of a shirt to record during covert operations.

However, the voice recording aspect of these cameras is by far the most popular use of them. Many great ideas are remembered and later brought to life with the help of a pen voice recorder.

Spy Camera Key Chains

Spy Camera Key ChainSpy Camera Key Chains work well covertly because its very common for someone to place their car keys on a table during a conversation and also offer the ability to record covertly from inside a vehicle without arousing suspicion.






Spycams or MiniCams are the tiny cameras found in everyday objects. These may be small cameras that you can attach to you body, or they could be covert cameras disguised as a cellphone, lighter, mp3 player, or even a smiley face button.

Spycams can also be used to scan documents with gadgets like the docuspy, or scan and record Identification by police or night club owners like with the spy flashlight DVR. Almost everyone can benefit from some sort of spycam these days.

If you remember the days of the old James Bond from 50 years back and wished you could have some of those cool gadgets, now is the time. There are many types of James Bond Gadgets around, and the best part is, they are affordable enough for practically everyone.

Surveillance Cameras – Why You Need The Protection of Video Surveillance Cameras

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Surveillance Cameras

Have you been thinking about purchasing a surveillance camera? If so, you probably should. If you have suspicions you need to address them, and proof is the best way to do that.

With the improvements in technology and reduction in prices, it seems everyone these days is getting in on surveillance, be it to protect their business, home, or loved ones.

Who Needs Surveillance Cameras?

Surveillance cameras can be used by almost everyone, but the most popular uses are listed below.

Surveillance Cameras for Retail Stores

Retail stores, both big and small, have always been a target for theft. Surveillance cameras and signs that let customers and employees know they are being monitored reduce shrinkage of inventory vastly. If the deterrent factor doesn’t work, you always have a recording that can be used for video evidence at a later time.

Other than preventing theft, many business owners also find that surveillance cameras increase service levels as well. Employees perform better under surveillance, and have reported that they also feel safer knowing that the business is protected.

With just these two reasons alone surveillance cameras are a no-brainer for businesses in that they pay for themselves, usually by the end of the first year.

Surveillance Cameras for Schools

In some really tough schools you’ll find metal detectors. However, most schools are now realizing the value of setting up surveillance cameras in the hallways and stairwells. This not only helps prevent vandalism to school property, but also helps prevent bullying and other problems.

Surveillance Cameras for Parking Lots

Parking lots are a common place for thefts and robberies. Surveillance cameras help keep an eye on things and deter criminals, but they also provide a way of monitoring who is coming and going. Criminals thrive where there are “no witnesses” and placing surveillance cameras in parking lots is the first step in keeping a 24 hr witness on site.

Surveillance Cameras for Residential Homes

Home invasions have been a problem for some time, but invaders may think twice if your home is protected by surveillance. Home owners use visible security cameras as a deterrent, while covert or “hidden cameras” are used for catching people in the act and confirming suspicions.

Why You Need Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent or Catch Theft

If you are a store owner one of your biggest profitability factors is shrinkage. Having surveillance cameras installed helps cut this cost dramatically with a double pronged effect.

  1. Customers feel safer knowing that they are protected by surveillance
  2. Thieves are less likely to victimize stores that are monitored by surveillance.

for more info see our article: “Preventing Employee Theft

Surveillance Cameras Prevent Fraud

Surveillance cameras also help prevent staged falls and insurance claims. Although this is a much bigger factor in the workplace, fraudsters will occasionally go after a family’s homeowners or car insurance for their payout. Surveillance cameras not only protect you from false claims, they also expose the fraudsters for what they are.

Surveillance Cameras Help Monitor Employees and Nannies

Retail stores implement surveillance cameras to help increase employee service levels because they work, and home owners have caught on to this and used them for their own employees like their Nannies.

IP cameras for instance allow you to check up on your camera’s feed from your smartphone. This allows you to both ease your mind and ensure that your loved ones are receiving the proper caring.

If you are looking for the protecting that comes with proper surveillance, stop by our home security superstore and visit our section on Surveillance Cameras. You’ll be glad you did.

Diversion Safes – Are Your Belongings Safe? Think Diversion.

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photo wikipedia


Do you have a specific place to put the things you find treasured? What are some of the measures you have in place to ensure they are safe enough?
Consider having a safe in your house where no one else can access but you or someone you trust absolutely. When considering the purchase of a home safe, one thing to consider is the size. Larger safes are better for the home because most thieves will find them harder to steal. Conversely, bigger safes are also harder to hide. This may mean getting your safe its own room or area and ensuring that the room is not visited by anyone else. If the Safe is kept in a closet you may consider getting a biometric lock for the door. Of course, one of the best things to do is to have the safe built either right in the wall or drilled securely into the ground.

Safes are made of different materials and some will also be fire proof or even bullet proof. Most of them are air tight and protected from floods or humidity, but it pays to confirm that the safe you are purchasing has the specific feature you are trying to protect against. This will not only ensure that the things inside the safe are not stolen but also will make the extend the life of the valuables inside.

Thieves will usually spend at most ten minutes at your place so make sure that the most important things are in a safe that can’t be carried away, or are hidden well in a diversion safe.

Your safe may include things like documents, be it the land title deed, birth certificates or money and jewelry that are hard to replace.



Make sure you see the complete line up of diversion safes available from our E-store

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